Donations and Sponsorships

Thank you for allowing Meridian to be a part of your communities this year. 

Through our Good Neighbour Program, Meridian supports a broad range of events and initiatives that make our neighbourhoods strong, vibrant and inclusive.

What we're looking for

We support organizations and causes that contribute to local economic development, the social fabric of your community or improving the local environment. We are also looking for events that engage our employees in the community.

If your event, activity or program aligns well with our program, we'd like to hear from you.

Here are a few more ways to get our attention

  • Show us that your group is able to complete the project and evaluate the results and impact on our Members’ communities in terms of making them strong, vibrant and inclusive.
  • Explain to us how the sponsorship provides marketing and recognition opportunities for Meridian Credit union, and, when available, offer title sponsor positioning and industry exclusivity.
  • Make sure that your cause fits within our areas of focus, resonates with our Members and local community and that it provides Meridian with access to contacts and potential new Members in the communities where we do business.

Important information to keep in mind

  • Meridian accepts Good Neighbour Program applications year-round.
  • We appreciate having as much lead time as possible. The greater the advance notice we're given, the better decisions we can make regarding your application.
  • Previous sponsorship support by Meridian Credit Union does not guarantee approval of your application, and not all eligible requests can be funded.
  • Meridian Credit Union does not provide capital campaign donations, funding for operational costs or deficits, travel expenses, religious or political activities, private schools, individual pursuits, or any projects or events taking place outside the communities where we do business.
  • Be sure to include as much information as possible on the application form. If necessary, you can send us a separate email with a supporting document (.doc, .xls, .pdf format).
  • Please carefully consider your application as Meridian will sponsor only one event/initiative/program per organization per year.

Sponsorship approval

Please ensure to submit your request at least one month in advance of your event. We will notify you directly if your Sponsorship request has been approved.

Funding application form

Click Here for the Good Neighbour Program Funding Application Form. Please be sure to read the "Important Information to keep in mind" section above, and then fill in all fields required.

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