Meet Meridian Member and photographer Richard Sibbald

​​"Meridian seemed to be the answer, so I went in and checked them out."

​When Meridian Member Richard Sibbald was chosen as the photographer for the television series “Lookalike,” he jokes that the producers were more interested in his personality than his photographic skills.

A professional photographer for 21 years, Richard has shot such celebrities as Vin Diesel, Alicia Keys, Vince Carter and Kat von D.

But it’s not all glamour. Richard deals with the same challenges as any small businessperson. “I’m the president, the head of accounting, the guy who chases down the bills…every role in one.”

He has a fascinating story about how he joined Meridian.

“One of my jobs was to go out and document testimonials and shoot portraits of Meridian customers. They were explaining why they changed from their banks to Meridian. The testimonials were so genuine and the problems they were having with their banks were the same problems I was having with my bank.”

“We shot testimonials from business owners, from families, from people who were at the end of the line with their business and needed help. It wasn’t just one type of client that was praising Meridian, they went from a-z and covered everything.”

“Meridian seemed to be the answer, so I went in and checked them out.”

Your expectations must have been pretty high going in, we pointed out. Has Meridian delivered?

“I just moved my accounts recently, but so far it’s been great,” said Richard.

“Just opening my account, they took an hour. They went through every account, all my options, the smart things to do…they actually explained, ‘this account will do this, this account will do that.’”

“I got home and there were emails welcoming me, and they weren’t just computer-generated, they were from the woman that was helping me out.”

Since much of Richard’s work revolves around advertising, we asked him what he thought Meridian’s advertising slogan should be.

After a bit of a pause, he came back with “maybe something like ‘We’re here for you.’ Or ‘We’ve got your back.’”

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