smile Newsletter: Issue 1 | Fall 2010


Small investment options with big benefits

As the saying goes, slow and steady wins the race. You don’t necessarily need a lot of money to have a strong investment portfolio. If you save regularly – even if it means setting aside a small amount of money each paycheque – and choose the right solutions for your needs, you can enjoy big payoffs. Read More


Remember, the RESP deadline is December 31st

An RESP is a great way to invest in a child’s future. It’s a tax deferred investment plan that allows you to save for a child's post secondary education. Whether it’s for your own child or a grandchild, niece or nephew, it’s never too late to open one. All you need is the child’s social insurance number. You can set up an individual plan for one child or a family plan for multiple children. Read More


The value of having a Financial Advisor

You’ve probably seen a lot of TV commercials or had many people tell you that it’s important to have a financial advisor. However, a lot of people are unclear as to what they do and why it is important. Read More


There are lots of fun events happening in your neighbourhood

This fall we have many exciting events planned throughout Ontario as part of our Good Neighbour Program. It’s our way of helping to build stronger communities. It’s also a great way for us to get to know our Members and their families better. As always, the money raised at these events will be invested back in our local communities. So come out and have fun! Read More


President & CEO Message

It is with much excitement that I welcome you to the first electronic-only edition of Smile. Read More

Shareholder Update

Our Shareholder Update will be posted on our website this month, so be sure to check back often for the latest news.

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