Chequing Account

For your everyday banking, a Meridian chequing account is about much more than writing cheques.  

Our No Bounce service offers our Members peace of mind by proactively contacting you if your cheque is about to bounce and will work with you to ensure it doesn't.

A Meridian Maximiser chequing account provides a flexible set of features and benefits, along with a suite of self-serve options -- online, mobile, telephone banking, ABMs and at point of sale. Choose Meridian’s personal-service options and do your banking in one of over 80 branches or call our Contact Centre.

A Chequing Account allows you to 

  • Deposit your paycheque
  • Make ABM withdrawals and deposits
  • Transfer your money to other Meridian accounts
  • Pay your bills
  • Make in-store purchases
  • Use the Exchange Network across Canada to complete transactions even if you’re nowhere near a Meridian ABM or a branch location
  • And now there is an app for that! NEW! Do you have a smartphone? The EXCHANGE® ABM Locator app is now available for the iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry devices. The apps are free! Just search for EXCHANGE ABM locator in the list of available apps in the app store from your smartphone
  • Easy access to your funds - online, mobile, in-branch, telephone banking, Contact Centre and ABMs
  • Purchase U.S. Dollar funds by transferring Canadian dollars from your Maximiser chequing account


  • Competitively priced packages suited to every Member’s needs
  • Optional overdraft protection
  • With a minimum monthly balance of $1,000, up to 4 Interac network fees will be rebated when using non-Meridian ABMs (other institutions may still charge an additional fee)

Account Options

Convenience package is ideal for anyone with limited account activity (15 each of self-serve, personal service and cheques for $5.00 per month).

Convenience Plus package is for Members who want unlimited monthly transactions. In addition to unlimited self-serve, personal service and cheques, the Convenience Plus package offers a number of added benefits, such as free certified cheques, AMEX® single signer travellers cheques and official cheques, for a monthly fee of $12.00.

E-Package is ideal for Members who prefer to bank online and through mobile or telephone banking. For $9.00 a month, Members can make unlimited self-service transactions.

​​Make transfers to a Good To Grow High Interest Savings Account and earn high-interest rates on your savings. 

Free automatic loan transfers between accounts.

IDefence® is offered as an inclusive benefit with every MeridianTM chequing account, to help you protect your personal information and quickly respond if you become a victim of identity theft.

IDefence® includes the following services upon enrollment:

  • Card Monitoring. You can electronically register your credit and debit cards, and using web crawling technology D+H will monitor the internet and provide real time alerts if these credit or debit cards have been compromised.
  • Electronic Filing Cabinet. Downloadable software to help organize and conveniently store important documents on your own computer.
  • SecureVault®. Securely store and manage your digital document files with a password-protected and encrypted online data storage service.
  • Restoration. Guides victims of identity theft through the often complicated, time-consuming process of getting their affairs back in order by our team of identity restoration experts.

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To obtain your Access Code, contact D+H at 1-866-323-7187 and speak with a membership services representative. 


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