Student Chequing

The student Maximiser chequing account is the ideal chequing account for students as there are several money saving features built into the account.

Save Money

  • No Monthly fee
  • Never pay bill-payment-handling fees — regardless of how you chose to pay your bills
  • All deposits are free

Transactions included monthly:

  • 20 self-serve transactions
  • 5 Personal Service Transactions
  • 5 Cheque transactions
  • 4 free INTERAC ABM withdrawals from non-Meridian ABMs*
  • Additional Self-Serve, Personal Service, and Cheque transactions are only $0.50 each
  • You get 24-hour access to your account through online or telephone banking, at an ABM machine or through direct payment purchases

* Rebated at month-end. Surcharge may be applied by other financial institution.

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