High-Interest Savings with an Online Advantage Savings (OAS) Account

Why have an online savings account anywhere else when you can access your money when you want and get the highest interest rate? A Meridian Online Advantage Savings (OAS) Account, earns one of the highest savings rates in the market.

You have access to your money 24/7. You can save the way you want with two savers features that grow your savings even faster. With RSP or TFSA eligibility, why look anywhere else?

Great news! Now with our Money Mover money transfer service, you can maximize your savings potential! You can move your money online from any account you have at other Canadian Banks to your Meridian accounts. Keep your money at Meridian in your OAS account earning a higher interest rate. Then when there's a need, use the Money Mover service to move your money automatically, all online.

We help you make more money with interest earned at leading rates. Meridian’s OAS account earns you a market-leading interest rate that’s higher than the five major banks!


Save the way you want and take advantage of flexible, convenient, automatic saving options. You’re in charge. Go fast or go slow. Use our calculator to see your savings grow and how little it can take to reach your goal – it’s that easy!

Instant access makes your funds instantly available because we do things differently from the other online banks. With an Online Advantage Savings account it’s hassle-free. As a Meridian Member you don’t have to wait up to three days to access your money. So why not take advantage of Meridian’s smarter way to save? We offer a better rate and instant access to your funds, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Two savings options

We help you reach your savings goals with two automatic savings options for your money, using debit and credit transfer features.

Save as you spend. Every time you make a purchase or ABM withdrawal you can automatically transfer between $1 and $5 from your Maximiser Chequing account to your Online Advantage Savings account.

Save the smart way. Automatically transfer a percentage of each chequing account direct deposit into your OAS account.

Interest will be earned with a minimum monthly balance of $5,000. If you enroll in either savings option, we will waive the minimum balance requirement and you will start to earn interest immediately, regardless of your account balance.


  • The Online Advantage Savings account also offers TFSA and RSP eligibility. There’s a built-in flexibility to suit your tax situation
  • Interest is calculated daily, paid monthly. Minimum monthly balance of $5,000 required or, enrollment in one of two savings options.
  • Earn interest on your first dollar if you enroll in either savings option

Account options

Online Advantage Savings TFSA - the Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) also features a leading interest rate that allows you to earn tax-free interest on contributions up to $5,500 annually.

Online Advantage Savings RSP helps complement your registered retirement savings plan. Use our Online Advantage Savings calculator to see how quickly you can grow your retirement savings!

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Meridian Member Card

A Meridian Member card is a smart, secure, fast and convenient way to pay for purchases directly from your savings accounts.

Meridian Maximiser chequing account

A Meridian Maximiser chequing account provides a flexible set of features and benefits, along with a suite of self-serve options -- online, telephone banking ABMs and at point of sale. Or choose Meridian’s personal-service options in one of our 61 branches or use our Contact Centre.

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