3-Year Escalator GIC

Why invest in an Escalator GIC? You always know how your money is working for you, making it easier to plan your cash flow.

A 3-year Escalator GIC is the best option when looking for a medium-term investment with the flexibility to access funds on an annual basis. Your money is safe and secure and you benefit from increasing rates every year when you choose to maintain your investment.

Registered (RRSP, RRIF & TFSA) and Non-Registered Rates
Year 1 - 1.30%
Year 2 - 1.71%
Year 3 - 2.70%
Yield - 1.90% 

  • Cashable every year with no penalty. You can redeem annually, providing you with flexibility and liquidity, should your needs change over the term of the GIC.
  • Security and peace of mind. Principal and return are guaranteed.
  • $100 minimum investment required.
  • Ask us about our competitive non-registered products.

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3-Year Escalator

1.30%Year 1
1.71%Year 2
2.70%Year 3

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