Retirement Savings Plan (RSP)

A Meridian RSP provides you with a tax-deferred benefit that grows your money for your retirement. Our competitive rates on a breadth of RSP products makes Meridian the right place for you to invest.

Want quick and easy contributions but don’t want your money locked in  

Meridian has an RSP product that’s right for you.

RSP Advantage Savings Account features

  • Low risk
  • No minimum required
  • Access fund anytime
  • Deposit online
  • Automatic savings plans
  • No-risk known rate of return
  • Deposits 100% guaranteed

Want to make your RSP contribution this year, but don’t have the money on hand

We can even help you plan ahead to set aside money for next year or arrange an RSP Line of Credit for your short-term needs. It’s a low cost way to fund your RSP investments.

RSP Line of credit

  • Minimum credit line of $1,000
  • Flexible borrowing option. As you pay the balance down, the funds become available for use again
  • Low interest rate makes it affordable
  • Apply only once

Here are some other ways to fund your RSP

Transfer from savings

This is the easiest way to save. You won't even miss it during the year, and when it comes time to invest in your RSP, you'll already have the funds you need. When the contribution deadline approaches, you'll find yourself one step ahead and making good progress towards your savings goals.

Pre-authorized Contribution plan (PAC) for your RSP

Managing your savings with a pre-authorized contribution plan is a smart and easy way to save. Setting up your PAC plan to automatically withdrawal as little as $5, $10, $25 or more each month from your chequing or savings account won't even be missed. Plus! When it comes to invest in your RSP, you'll already have saved the needed funds.

Benefits of setting up a PAC plan:

  • Earn tax sheltered returns
  • Compound your interest with monthly contributions
  • Enjoy peace of mind by investing in your RSP throughout the year - avoiding the last minute scramble
  • Customize a convenient and flexible plan that fits your budget and savings goal

When you talk to a Meridian wealth management professional, you’ll get straightforward answers to your questions. We work with you on your long-term needs for financial security. And we go out of our way to find ways to get your money working for your retirement.

Want more information on understanding RSPs?

Download our free ebook, The RSP "Understanding all the Basics", which has clear and understandable information on your RSPs and Retirement Income Options. It is based on the legislation in effect or proposed as of July, 2013.*

*THE BASICS (e-book) is intended as an information guide only. If any clarification is required, you should refer to the acutal legislation, contact the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), or refer to Guide T4040 RRSPs and Other Registered Plans for Retirement.

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