Mortgage Insurance

We know that your house is a big investment and if the unexpected happens, it is important to ensure that your investment is protected and you know that your payments will continue.

Group Mortgage Protection (GMP) is a monthly premium product that helps protect your family’s home for the life of your mortgage.

If you’re looking for benefits in addition to the coverage you’re purchasing, you can purchase riders that offer life coverage for disability, loss of employment and critical illness.

Protect your family from the unexpected

Group mortgage protection is a product offered through CUMIS, paid through an affordable monthly premium, that protects your family from financial hardship due to death, disability or critical illness, for as long as you hold your Meridian mortgage.  Life coverage is first and foremost and is the pre-requisite to other available coverage listed below to protect your family further.

  • Life coverage
  • Loss of employment coverage (optional – life coverage required)
  • Disability coverage (optional – life coverage required)
  • Critical illness coverage (optional – life coverage required)

How to Apply

To apply for Group Mortgage Protection insurance, visit your local Meridian branch or call the Contact Centre at 1-866-592-2226.

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