Mortgage Types

A Meridian mortgage has all the benefits of flexible options and savings with competitive interest rates. We personalize every mortgage to suit your needs. Come in to your local branch or call our Contact Centre to find out more.

Are you a first time homebuyer?

Let us help you make your first "home-buying" experience easy and well planned. If you have RSPs, we will explain how you can use proceeds from them to help with your down payment on your first home purchase.

Looking to renew your mortgage?

Renewing your mortgage at Meridian is easy and hassle-free. Perhaps your mortgage is maturing elsewhere and you would like to bring it to Meridian? No problem, we’ll make the switch to Meridian just as easy.

Buying a vacation home?

Whether you want to enjoy a dream vacation home year-round or seasonally, we have a mortgage solution for you. We offer competitive rates, simple terms and you can still amortize over standard periods, making your regular payments more affordable.

Need a construction mortgage?

Are you building your dream home from the ground up? Maybe you are adding to your existing home? A Meridian construction mortgage provides access to the funding you’ll need at different stages of construction. This helps to manage cash flow during building phases.

Self-Employed and need a mortgage?

Do you run your own business? Meridian has mortgage solutions that will help you buy a home if you’re self-employed, or a commissioned sales person. We can help tailor a solution to ensure you are able to get that dream home that fits your budget. 

Call us or come in and talk to a Meridian Mortgage Specialist.

Can’t get to your branch within regular business hours?  We offer flexible mortgage solutions 24 hours a day.  A Meridian Mobile Mortgage Specialist is available to meet with you anytime, anywhere. We’re so close, we can come right to your doorstep.

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