Think Money

So… just what is THINK MONEY?

It’s chequing and savings accounts. It’s an ABM card. It’s a MasterCard®. It’s a line of credit – that’s money you borrow from someone other than your parents. It’s a range of financial services created just for you. Hey, they have exclusive banking for wealthy people, why not students? Think you might be interested? Then please read on… you’re still with us? We knew you were smart.

We’re Meridian and we re-wrote the book on student banking.

We’re not a bank. We’re what’s called a credit union. That means our Members (known as customers at a bank) actually own the entire operation. And you’re welcome to join us. Hey, just ​because you’re a student, doesn’t mean that you can’t own a financial institution. And Membership entitles you to better rates and products and a level of personal service that’s well, personal. And we invest our profits in the local communities we serve. Imagine that.​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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