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Some think Meridian and credit unions in general are hard to join. Others might believe credit unions don’t have the “reach” of a typical bank, or don’t offer the same level of financial products and access to your money. Wrong on all accounts because at Meridian everyone is welcome. You can easily become a Member, plus enjoy all of the leading financial products and services, and finally, access your money in-branch, online, via your mobile device, or with Meridian’s telephone banking system.

Another thing that sets Meridian apart is a commitment to better the communities we live in. Thousands of businesses and their employees depend on Meridian’s financial services. And we’re here for them all through good times and bad—at the height of the recession we made sure that credit continued to be available to our commercial banking Members in every local community, saving businesses and jobs at this critical time.

By joining Meridian, you’ll play a role in bettering your community because our earnings stay right here and are reinvested to help your neighbours buy homes, educate their children and create jobs.

As a Member, you’re part of an organization that’s invested over $3.8 million over the last six years to make our communities stronger, vibrant and more inclusive through Meridian’s Good Neighbour Program. To date, we have supported more than 600 local organizations and worthwhile initiatives in your communities, and we’re just getting started.

A different way to do your banking

There are some key distinctions between Meridian and your typical bank. First and foremost:
  • Meridian works for you.
  • Meridian is a professionally run financial institution that is 100% owned by our Members. All of our earnings are reinvested in Meridian to benefit you, the Member/owner and your local community.
  • Meridian’s earnings stay in your communities. They are reinvested to help you and your neighbours buy homes and educate your children; and help local businesses to create jobs and expand.

And that’s just the beginning. Meridian also sets itself apart from other banks because:

  • Meridian takes the time to talk to you about your financial needs. We have proportionately more people in our branches to serve you than other financial institutions.
  • Meridian branch managers can say “yes” to you on the spot for a car loan, a small business loan or a mortgage. A computer in another city or province won’t make a decision affecting your life.
  • You don’t have to call a 1-800 number and go through a call centre in another province or country to get in touch with your branch around the corner.
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