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Advantages of YOUR Membership

What makes Meridian different from other banks and financial institutions? First and foremost, you’re not just another customer or a number. You’re a Member. And Membership defi​nitely has its advantages, as does our Member-first approach to banking. So, for instance, when you call your local branch or Contact Centre, you’ll actually speak to a live person, not some frustratingly complex voicemail system. In the unlikely event that you can’t reach someone right away, you can be sure that they’ll call you back immediately. That’s what we mean when we say Members always come first!

Our Members can tell you all about the Meridian Difference because they experience it every day. We’re committed to building long term relationships with you, taking the time to find out what you need, and in turn, developing a sound financial plan to get where you want to go.

Sure, there are a lot of financial institutions that make similar claims. However, at Meridian we back them up. Here’s a perfect example—our Branch Managers make decisions locally on loans, mortgages, lines of credit and community sponsorships. We’re also passionate about what we can do for our valued Members, and customize their banking experience by providing the products and services they need for their personal, business and wealth banking.

Yes, it certainly is a different way of banking. And here’s where you can discover the many advantages of being a Member, and what The Meridian Difference can mean to you and your bottom line.

Anyone who lives or works in Ontario can become a Meridian Member. Although there is no fee to join a credit union, you are required to hold $25.00 in Membership Shares. This entitles you access to all the services of the credit union, and full rights as owner/shareholder. In the event you choose to leave us these Membership Shares will be refunded to you.
To activate an account you can visit your local branch, call us at 1-866-592-2226 or submit a request online.
For all online requests we will contact you within 1 business day to complete the application process.

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