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Meridian: Who We Are

Meridian is Ontario’s largest credit union, helping more than a quarter of a million Members in communities from Windsor to Ottawa grow their lives and businesses.


As a credit union, we are one-hundred-per-cent owned by our Members. We work only for them:

  • Profits are returned to Members in the form of the best products and services we can offer.
  • We help grow the communities in which our Members live.
We get to know our Members so that we can proactively advise them on ways to save money, how to invest for the future and what financial solutions are in their best interest.
Many decisions on things like mortgages, loans and small business financing are made on the spot, in the branch by employees who know you. Phone calls are answered by the local branch or routed through a 1-800 number in our Ontario-based Contact Centre.
Our Members know that we have their backs. Our employees – more than 1,900 in over 90 branches, 11 Commercial Business Centres, Contact Centre and Corporate Offices – have the ability and power to make decisions on the spot, because they know our Members’ and their circumstances best.
We put the interests of our Members first. We don’t push products. Our financial services advisors recommend investments from a wide range of respected providers including AGF Management, Mackenzie Investments, Fidelity Investments and Franklin Templeton Investments.

Meridian combines exceptional Member service with a full range of products and services such as telephone, mobile and online electronic banking services that allow our Members to access their money anywhere, any time.

As well, our Members have access to services that are not available through the banks, including:

  • No-fee access to THE EXCHANGE® Network, with more than 3,700 surcharge-free ABMs across ABMs across and 500,000 ABMs in the United States
  • Unlimited insurance, unavailable at banks, on registered deposits like RRSPs and TFSA’s and $250,000 insurance on regular deposits, the same coverage as banks.
Additionally, we are committed to help grow the communities we live in. We re-invest our surplus earnings back into our communities and, at the height of the recessions, we made sure that credit continued to be available to our commercial banking Members in every local community, saving businesses and jobs at this critical time.
For more information about Meridian, contact:
Teresa Pagnutti
(416) 597-4444 ext. 2667
Email: Teresa.Pagnutti@meridiancu.ca