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Money Mover Transfers - Terms and Conditions

To request Money Mover, please complete the Money Mover Authorization Form​​ and return it by mail or to your nearest Meridian branch.

1. Interpretation

Account — means the Account Holder’s credit union Membership/account number referred to in the Part I — Meridian Account Information.

Account Holder — means the primary applicant and any additional applicants on the Account. The Account Holder is also the Payor.

Electronic Services — means all of the Meridian services available through the use of Equipment and applicable software, in combination with the PAC, and includes Telephone Services and Internet Services.

External Account — means an account held at a Canadian financial institution in the Account Holder’s name.

PAC and/or Password — means the personal access code selected by the Member for the Member’s use, which, when used with software (as applicable) and Equipment, permits access to the Electronic Services.

Payor — means the party whose External Account is debited. The Payor is also the Account Holder. Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) — means a debit that is processed electronically in accordance with the Depositor’s written request.

2. By signing this form, you authorize Meridian to transfer funds from the Account to the linked External Account identified by you at the times and for the amounts specified by you. You acknowledge that we may limit the amount of these transfers.

3. By signing this form you further authorize Meridian to transfer funds from the External Account identified by you to your Account at the times and for the amounts specified by you. You acknowledge and agree that:

a) this authorization is provided for Meridian’s benefit and for the benefit of the other financial institution where the External Account is held, and that it is provided in consideration of the other financial institution agreeing to process Pre-authorized Debits against your External Account in accordance with the Rules of the Canadian Payments Association (CPA);

b) transfers may be originated at set intervals or with sporadic frequency (scheduled or unscheduled) as determined by you;

c) transfers may be issued for a fixed amount or a variable amount as determined by you;

d) the act of logging on to Electronic Services using the PAC and/or Password and initiating the transfer constitutes your authorization for the transfer. This includes your authorization for sporadic transfers and your authorization for amount changes to transfers occurring at set intervals;

e) Meridian may limit the amount of these transfers;

f) you understand, accept, and participate in the processing of funds transfer requests from your External Account to your Account according to the Rules of the CPA;

g) recourse will not be provided through the clearing system pursuant to the CPA Rules (that is, you will not receive automatic reimbursement in the event of a dispute). You must seek reimbursement from the payee (your Account) in the event that a transfer is erroneously charged to the External Account. However, you may dispute a transfer if you did not authorize this agreement. Should this occur, you must deliver a declaration to the other financial institution within 90 calendar days of the transfer to the External Account. Transfers disputed after this time will be addressed between you and Meridian;

h) delivery of this authorization to Meridian constitutes delivery to the other financial institution;

i) the other financial institution is not required to verify that each transfer has been issued in accordance with this authorization, including the amount and purpose of the transfer, prior to processing the transfer.

4. You agree to immediately notify us, in writing, of any changes to the account information of the External Account. I/We acknowledge that if I/we wish to cancel this agreement or if I/we have any questions or need further information with respect to a PAD, I/we can contact the Payee at the telephone number or address set out in this agreement.

5. You agree to provide Meridian with a voided encoded personal cheque from the External Account that you wish to link to your Account. If you are adding an External Account that does not have cheques, then you agree to provide us with an External Account Confirmation. Whenever possible, the External Account Confirmation must be filled out and authorized by an authorized employee at the other financial institution. If the other financial institution can only be contacted via e-mail or telephone, you are responsible for contacting that financial institution to confirm the correct account information filled in on the External Account Confirmation.

6. You acknowledge and agree that Meridian, at its discretion, may limit the type of transfer that can be conducted between the Account and the External Account, specifically whether transfers will be in the form of credits to the External Account, debits from the External Account or both credits to and debits from the External Account.

7. You may cancel this authorization at any time with appropriate notice, as designated by Meridian, and in a manner acceptable to us:

8. The terms and conditions of the Account Agreement and the Electronic Services Agreement between you and us will apply to the transfers contemplated by this authorization.

9. You agree that for the proper application of the CPA Rules, Meridian may disclose information contained in this Agreement to the other financial institution.

Set up is easy and free! Once you authorize us to link the accounts you have at other Canadian banks to your Meridian accounts, you’ll be able to start using Money Mover.

To request Money Mover, please complete the Money Mover Authorization Form​​ and return it by mail or to your nearest Meridian branch.

Please note, this service is currently available for retail Members only.​