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Sign in to the Meridian Mobile Banking App for the first time

Ready to start banking on your mobile device? In this guide, we’ll take you through the process of signing in to the Meridian Mobile Banking App, step by step. Review the steps below or download the guide as a PDF (571 KB).

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Step 1: Download the Meridian Mobile App

If you’ve already downloaded the mobile app to your phone, you’re ready for Step 2.

Need help downloading the app?

Download the Meridian Mobile App for your iPhone or iPad® View guide

Download the Meridian Mobile App for your Android phone View guide

Step 2: Sign in with your ID and password

Open the Meridian Mobile Banking App, and enter your Member Number (your sign in ID) as the username.

Tip: You can find your Member number in the package you received when you joined Meridian. Later in this process we’ll show you how to change your sign in ID to your email address. Your email address will probably be easier to remember than your Member number.

Enter your 8 digit temporary password. This would have been given to you when you joined Meridian. This temporary password is only active for 24 hours, so if you don’t have one, or the one you have has expired, please call the Contact Centre at 1-866-592-2226.

Tap the yellow ‘Sign In’ button.

Step 3: Read and accept the terms and conditions

Terms and conditions are available from the “Electronic Services Agreement” link.

By tapping on the “I accept” button, you confirm that you’ve read and accept the terms and conditions.

Step 4: Reset your password

This is the step where you need to change the temporary password to something that is unique to you.

You’ll be prompted to reset your password by entering it twice. Tap the ‘Save’ button to save your new password.

Step 5: Add your security questions

Here you will be asked to set up 3 security questions and answers. These questions are an extra layer of security to help ensure that only you can access your accounts.

Step 6: Add your email for signing in

Now, you will have the option to add your email address to sign in. The email address will default to the one attached to your Meridian account. You can either skip this step by selecting “Skip”, or select “Save” to set the email as your sign in ID. You can change these settings anytime in the app or in Meridian Online banking.

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