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View your account balances and transactions in mobile banking

If you’re new to Meridian Mobile Banking, this guide will show you how to view your account balances and transaction history in a few easy steps. Review the steps below or download the guide as a PDF (571 KB).

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Step 1: Choose an account

Once you’ve signed in to the mobile banking app, you’ll land on the My Deposit Accounts screen. From here, you can easily review the balance and transaction history for any of your accounts. Start by tapping on the account you wish to view.

Step 2: Review account details

At the top of this screen, you can view your account details. This includes the total balance of the account and the funds that are available, as well as your account number, branch/transit number and institution number.

Step 3: Review transaction details

Below the account details are the transaction details. Here you can view all of the transactions that have occurred in the account, including withdrawals and deposits.

You can review the date, details and the amount of the transaction. If funds were deposited into your account, you’ll see a green plus sign next to the amount. If the transaction is a withdrawal, a payment or a purchase, you’ll see a reference number, and a red minus sign next to the amount.

The transaction details are sorted by date, with the most recent appearing at the top of the page. To view older transactions, simply scroll down.

Step 4: View another account

To view the details of another account, tap the back arrow. This will take you back to the accounts page, where you can select another account from the list.

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