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Price Drop
Terms & Conditions

What is Meridian’s Price Drop Service?
Meridian’s Price Drop Service (‘Price Drop’) is a feature available to our Members within the Meridian Mobile app that allows you to upload, view and store receipts you receive from merchants when you purchase goods and services. Once a receipt has been uploaded, Price Drop will perform automated internet searches on eligible items to identify lower prices for the identical product or service from participating merchants who offer price protection (price matching).

How Does Meridian’s Price Drop Service Work?
Uploaded (Paper) Receipts
Price Drop is as simple as taking a photo of the original receipt (‘uploaded receipt’) using the camera functionality on your mobile device and the Price Drop app goes to work.
When Price Drop finds a lower price for an uploaded receipt, the app displays the item and provides proof of the lower price at a local competitor or by the same merchant. Then it’s over to you to claim the refund. Simply present proof of the lower price (using the app) along with your original receipt and payment method (e.g. debit card) to the merchant that you purchased from. That’s it!

Automate Refunds using Electronic (Paperless) Receipts
You can automate refund claims by providing your email address and forwarding your electronic receipts from merchants to receipts@meridiancu.ca.
When Price Drop finds a lower price for an electronic receipt, whenever possible, the app will claim the refund from the merchant on your behalf and deposit the refund in your account. In the event Price Drop is unable to claim the refund, we will provide all the information in the app for you to claim the refund.

Fees and Charges
None. Meridian’s Price Drop Service is provided free of charge.

Your Responsibilities
By using Meridian’s Price Drop Service, you agree to:

  • Use Price Drop solely for personal use and for its’ intended purpose;
  • Neither commercialize nor automate Price Drop in any manner;
  • Only upload, store and view receipts;
  • Indemnify Meridian for any losses incurred by your failure to meet the merchant’s price protection terms and conditions (e.g. your inability to attend the merchant in person or within the required time period, to claim the refund).
Meridian reserves the right to reject receipts or terminate access to Price Drop if you fail to meet these responsibilities.

Your Privacy
Meridian’s Privacy Policy
Meridian is dedicated to protecting your privacy and your personal, business and financial information.  We carefully follow privacy policies and security practices in everything we do, to support our commitment to you. For more information visit our Privacy Policy
Your Personal Information
Registration for, and use of, Meridian’s Price Drop Service using uploaded (paper) receipts, requires the following personal information to be collected, used and disclosed to Meridian and our third party provider Pricerazzi Inc.:
  • Transactions on receipts
  • Payment type (i.e. cash, debit or credit)
Use of Meridian’s Price Drop Service using electronic (paperless) receipts, may require the following additional personal information to be collected, used and disclosed to Meridian and our third party provider Pricerazzi Inc.:
  • Email Address;
  • Name;
  • Address;
  • Telephone number; and
  • Account information.
Meridian is committed to providing the minimum amount of information to our third party provider Pricerazzi Inc. and ensure your personal information will not be stored, disseminated or used by such third party service provider in any way.

Purposes for which your Personal Information is Collected, Used and Disclosed
Meridian will use your personal information consistent with Meridian’s Privacy Policy and this agreement to:
  • Provide Price Drop services to you; and
  • Monitor, maintain and improve the Price Drop service.

Meridian will ask for your consent before using this information for any additional purposes.
You may contact us and withdraw your consent at any time; however, this may affect your ability to use Meridian’s Price Drop Service.

Risk of Harm
Meridian protects your personal information with appropriate physical, technological and organizational safeguards relative to the sensitivity to the information, regardless of the format in which we hold it (physical or electronic) and even when it is being disposed. We regularly train our employees on the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of your information.

However, it is important to be aware, when sharing personal information, there is always a risk of inadvertent disclosure, even with all relevant safeguards implemented. Meridian takes this responsibility seriously. Meridian’s Price Drop Service is assessed a very low risk for such disclosure.

Cancellation of Meridian’s Price Drop Service
Use the ‘Unsubscribe’ link within Price Drop ‘Settings’ to cancel your registration at any time.
Please Note: Unsubscribing from Price Drop, will remove your receipts and delete corresponding tracked purchase items.

Price Drop is an optional service offered by Meridian and is not considered an insurance product or service of any nature. Though we will do our best to ensure our services are functional and accurate, we do not guarantee that (i) uploaded receipts will be read accurately or at all, (ii) we will be able to detect a qualifying lower price, or (iii) that the merchant will honour a refund for the price difference. Meridian will not be responsible or liable to you for any failure in detecting or delivering any refund to you under any circumstance. For receipts in electronic format, you agree that Meridian is irrevocably authorized and empowered to act on your behalf in order to apply to the merchant for a refund. You agree to indemnify and save us harmless in respect of all actions we take in good faith on your behalf to attempt to secure the refund from the merchant.

Although we endeavour to ensure transmission and storage of receipts data is secure and protected while within Meridian systems and those of our service providers, we cannot guarantee the transmission or security of any electronic communication outside of Meridian systems including but not limited to email communications between you and Meridian and between you and a merchant.

You acknowledge and agree that any electronic communication outside of Meridian systems (i) may not be secure, private or confidential, (ii) may not be reliable and may not be received by the Price Drop service promptly or at all, (iii) may be subject to interception, loss and alteration, and (iv) may not meet these terms and conditions, and you assume full responsibility and acknowledge that Meridian or its affiliated third party service provider shall not be held responsible for any and all related risks.
Meridian reserves the right to modify or cancel Price Drop at any time.