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Now you can do all of your banking from your office -
including depositing cheques - and access funds faster

Meridian’s Express Cheque Deposit allows you to deposit cheques from your desktop using a compatible
cheque scanner and our secure remote deposit software.  Automatically deposit up to 100 cheques a minute
directly into your account, from several offices and for several businesses.  Set up is simple.

Make your cheque depositing admin system easier to manage

  • Receive detailed reports and cheque images online
  • Easily set user limits and controls
  • Review and search deposit information effortlessly

Get better control of your cash flow

  • Deposit cheques the moment you receive them
  • Get instantly credited for each cheque the moment you deposit it

Save time and money

  • Save on the costs of gas and employee time of travelling to deposit cheques
  • Pay just a monthly fee with no additional costs after the initial set-up
  • No charges for per-item fees, or if you use the service for several of your companies
  • Depending on the number of cheques you deposit, we can typically save you an average of $12-$48 per month


  • For more details on the recommended cheque scanners or to order a scanner, please visit the Meridian Paystation Order Site
  • Watch the video to learn more