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What are the benefits of banking with a credit union?

Credit unions like Meridian offer better service, support and savings.
1. People before profits
Credit Unions are 100% Member owned. Our profits are reinvested in better products and services for Members and the community.
2. Super service
Speaking of service: save, borrow or invest at a credit union with ease – anywhere, anytime.
3. We’ve got your back
Thinking Local
Our branch employees make many decisions on the spot – so you get what you need faster.
Saving You Money
We design innovative products to help you save for the way you live today.
Serious About Your Investments
Our advisors offer unbiased advice about our accounts and services.
4. Your money is safe with us
Unlimited coverage on registered deposits like RRSPs and TFSAs
$250,000 coverage for non-registered deposits
5. Committed to communities
50% of our employees support 400+ community organizations