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Ensuring our Members feel heard


Each month, we are sitting down with a Small Business Advisor to discuss how they are listening to your business stories, working around exceptions and helping you get the right answers, right away.
Maria Costa, Small Business Advisor, York Region

We sat down with Maria Costa, our small business advisor covering six branches in York Region to discuss how we put our Members at the centre of everything we do.
Ensuring our Members feel heard
I always approach Member interactions from the mindset of “what else can we be doing differently?” And it is interesting what happens when you think that way. Recently, I was at a branch, and a prospective Member walked in. He had been dealing with a traditional financial institution for approximately 27 years. When I asked him what it would it would take for him to become a Meridian Member, he was fairly clear in his response. “I want someone who will listen to me, visit me and help my business.” That’s exactly what I did. I went to his location and met his team and had the chance to learn about his business on his terms.
We listen to your business story
I believe in showing Members and prospective Members that I care. I had a coincidental meeting with a Member who only has personal banking with Meridian. He owns two music studios, and both he and his wife are music teachers. We started talking about music and that conversation led to us talking about his business and his existing financial management plan and partner.
He had also been with a traditional financial institution for a long time – approximately 17 years. After that initial conversation, I went to one of his studio locations to meet with him, his wife and his two children. He was so grateful for that visit and face-to-face interaction. He mentioned that he hardly knows his account manager at the existing institution that has been handling his business for almost two decades.  
Building a relationship based on real connection is honest and genuine. I was really interested in him, his story, his passion for music and his business journey. And he recognized that authenticity. And welcomed it. Since that first meeting, we’ve approved a $520,000 loan for him and are managing day-to-day banking at his second location.
The final word
The people at Meridian make the real difference. I have a team of professionals behind me. And we always work as a team, so Members have a one-stop-shop experience. Every Member can access the specialists that he or she needs in one place, and those experts all have a common understanding of the Member’s business, operations and goals.