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Financial fitness

Being Financially Fit – My visit to Meridian Credit Union
This is a sponsored post by Meridian Credit Union, however all opinions are my own.
As most of you know, I recently lost 60 lbs in one year following the ketogenic diet. I am very close to my goal weight now and continue to follow a ketogenic lifestyle because I truly enjoy this way of eating. Since getting my weight back to a healthy number, I was motivated to start working with a trainer to become physically fit. It is nice to be thinner but I want to be stronger. 

I think this is what happens when you figure out one part of your life, you move on to conquer the next! Working on my physical fitness is a major goal for me in 2018 and 2019.

Considering Financial Fitness 
While I feel like it is important to be strong and look great, there are so many areas of your life that contribute to be healthy. Are your relationships healthy? Are you emotionally healthy? How is your mental health? Your financial health? There are so many different areas of your life that need time, care, and attention.

One thing you might not know about me is that I am pretty savvy about finances. I eat out a lot, but it’s in my budget and I’m taking care of our retirement savings, paying down our mortgage, and saving for my kid’s education.

Visiting Meridian Credit Union
I was recently invited to visit Meridian Credit Union. I was very interested to find out more because I have never looked into using a credit union for our financial needs. I brought Carter with me because daycare was closed that day and we met with Andrea, one of their Financial Advisors.

I discovered that Meridian is Canada’s 4th largest credit union and they invest 4% of pre-tax profits into donations and sponsorships to make local communities grow stronger. Meridian is a not-for-profit cooperative which means they invest earnings back into the company to offer higher savings rates and lower loan rates to their members.

Andrea informed me of all the services they have to offer and essentially, they offer all of the financial services you would need to manage your finances both personally or for a business. It was very clear from my visit that Andrea wasn’t interested in pushing products on me, but that they wanted to work with me to make my family’s financial goals a reality.

It was good that I did visit because I had some questions about a pretty low savings rate at my bank. It definitely spurred me to get moving on that. I’m actually surprised I had never stepped foot in a credit union before – I never even knew what they did! Crazy!

Steps Moving Forward
If you haven’t taken a solid look at your finances recently, I would highly recommend doing so. If you are looking at making some major financial decisions in the near future or maybe just aren’t happy with your current bank, definitely check out a Meridian Credit Union in your area. They gave me a good vibe and I love how they give back to their members and the community. 

How financially fit are you? Do you make saving a priority?

Speak to a Meridian Financial Advisor to discuss your financial goals today.