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If you could live with anyone, who would it be?

We asked Dani Goddard, a blogger who writes in Girls of Toronto to meet with our Mobile Mortgage Specialist, Heather O’Hare and here’s what she had to say:

Let’s be real for a second. Not only is taking the plunge and buying a home right now difficult in Ontario due to the skyrocketing prices, but the idea of buying a home and setting up a mortgage is a huge undertaking. And while I am at the age of settling down and preparing for the rest of my life, I can’t help but feel like I’m totally behind!

These thoughts flooded through my mind as I travelled to my local Meridian branch to sit down with Mortgage Specialist, Heather O’Hare and discuss my options and next steps to position me in the right direction as a potential homeowner.

As we discussed my lifestyle, where I hope to live and generally how I go about my financial situation, I was pleased to see just how much Meridian was there to help and guide its customers in the right direction. My initial worry at the beginning of our meeting quickly turned into a calm feeling and gradually, it got me excited for the future.

Heather was a kind, helpful and incredibly knowledgeable Mortgage Specialist who offered loads of information to help guide me to the right path from showing me what my options are while sticking to my lifestyle to showing me the steps it takes to file a mortgage. The truth is though that Ontario is one of the most expensive provinces to purchase a home in the country, so even though Meridian is here to help make it happen, you may not be able to afford it all on your own. So what can you do?

Luckily, Meridian has recently developed the Family and Friends Mortgage plan, which allows up to four family members or friends to share the mortgage. This is a great opportunity for first time buyers to pool their financial resources together to make home buying possible while taking advantage of Meridian’s low rates.

Whether you have some friends you know would make some amazing roomies or family members that you mesh really well with, Meridian offers the Friends and Family Mortgage that can be applied to any of Meridian’s mortgage plans. With the plan, enjoy flexible repayment options, an amazing 20/20 prepayment offer so you can pay off your mortgage faster, a skip-a payment feature in case of life surprises and a 90-day rate guarantee!

The best part in my opinion is that Meridian doesn’t require you to enter into a legal joint ownership agreement in order to take part in the Friends and Family Mortgage, but instead you can put together your own agreement whether it is based on the size of your rooms, how often you are home and anything that makes you and your roomies comfortable! After all, life is full of obstacles and surprises, so Meridian makes it easy to set things up so that any unforeseen challenges can be handled fairly with a clear understanding of what is needed from all that live in the home.

I had personally never visited a Meridian, though my Dad is a big fan of the company, but following my meeting with Heather not only did I get a clear understanding of the options they have available to home owners, but I really got a sense of how much Meridian is willing to help and just how much they have your back.

If you are looking for more information for the Friends and Family Mortgage, visit here and be sure to pop into your local Meridian to have your questions answered when you need the help!

Happy planning!

Thank you Meridian for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own!

Dani is a blogger who writes in Girls of Toronto