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Our Save the Camp! app is live!

Our new financial literacy mobile game — Save the Camp! — is now available on the App Store & Google Play! 

On Thursday, February 16th, Meridian Credit Union & The Learning Partnership launched our SavetheCamp! mobile game on the App Store and Google Play -- to teach teens about money through play! Developed by Tiny Hearts and designed with educators & students from the start, it's tailored for grades 7 to 10 yet fun for all ages. This has been a labour of love for the last year; we're so excited to share it with the world!

What is Save the Camp!?

Save the Camp! is a tower defence game that focuses on three key areas of financial literacy: spending strategically, borrowing responsibly and saving for the future. It's designed for teens in grade 7-10, yet fun for all ages – and was developed with teacher and student input from day one.

Spread the word!

We encourage you to join us in our celebration over Twitter using the hashtag #SavetheCamp and download the app or play online at SavetheCamp.ca!