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Shared values, shared optimism, shared future

An open letter to the doctors in our communities:

If you are a healthcare professional, you have likely found yourself, or know of a colleague caught in the middle of a multi-billion-dollar transaction with the recent acquisition of MD Financial by Bank of Nova Scotia. This shakeup in Canada’s banking and financial services industry is potentially affecting your wealth and financial future without your buy-in. 

If you want to continue to have a say in the organization you do your business with, we strongly encourage you to “Seek a 2nd Opinion” and talk to us at Meridian, one of Canada’s largest member-owned organizations serving the financial needs of Ontarians for more than 75 years, now 340,000 Members strong!

Though credit unions have been around for over a century in Canada, you may not know the whole story.  Yes, we’re a place where people and businesses house their cash and borrow when they need to. But a key feature distinguishing us from traditional banks is that profits – yes, we too seek profit – are reinvested for the benefit of all our Members.

To us, Membership is more than a word. Voting with your Member Share is a tangible way for you to participate in and guide the ship you chose to board. Historically, credit unions allowed people who had a common bond – geographic community, cultural connection, or a trade group, for example – a means to help one another financially when traditional commercial operators did not make themselves available.  Today, cooperative banking organizations like Meridian still do all that and much more! 

Like many of you with your patients, at Meridian Credit Union, we also take a holistic view of our Members. Stepping into our world for a moment, we seek to understand our Member’s personal, professional and family situations by ‘diagnosing’ your financial health in order to recommend the products and services you need to reach your goals in life.  

The Meridian Business & Healthcare Professionals Package - coordinating all the core products and services you need in one efficient, cost-effective package: 

- A full array of deposit, loan and credit products
- Easy access to cash management experts who can help you identify and take full advantage operational efficiencies for your business or practice, such as payroll management, accounts payable & receivable, foreign exchange 
- Fully accredited wealth management and investment planning advisors to guide your personal, professional and retirement planning investing decisions
- Tax and estate planning experts to assist you translate your wealth into your wellbeing

For Physician Business Owners
For Physician Personal Finances
For Students and Resident Physicians

One final word: Community. Like many of you, we too are invested in our communities, and we mean that literally. Meridian invests our profits in community programs and partnerships through Meridian’s Commitment to Communities program. 

If that’s the kind of community, business and personal relationship that appeals to you, we invite you to give us a call or stop by one of our branches or Commercial Banking Centres. 

Thank you.

About Meridian
Meridian is one of Canada's largest credit unions, helping more than a quarter of a million Members grow their lives and their businesses.

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