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Wedding planning for the financially savvy couple


Sometimes a bride (and yes, even a groom) wants to have their multi-tiered wedding cake, and eat it too. There are those who dream, plan and even vision board their picture-perfect wedding. And while it might seem like an all-or-nothing proposition at times, planning your ideal day doesn't have to be so black and white. Whether you're on a budget or you'd simply rather not blow the bank on your big day, if you're willing to find a middle ground, there are big savings to be had. Here are some tips that might just fit the bill

Go long

If you book on a Saturday night, when seemingly every other couple on the planet is looking to host their reception, you'll be paying top dollar. The alternative? Try booking your wedding fête on the Sunday of a long weekend so that you can have a leisurely meal and party the night away for less.
If you're looking for really serious savings, host a lunch reception instead. Lunch as a meal will almost always cost less than dinner. If you're feeling generous, you can use some of those savings to buy lovely wines, or a stunning cake for your guests to enjoy with their meal. Try the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend for example, when fall colours are at their most glorious and you can enjoy the outdoors while saving what may feel like a windfall.

DIY some of your own touches

Some couples are handy and offer personalized, cost-saving touches at their weddings. Do you know any great photographers? If so, some might be willing to give you a break (if you're friends), in lieu of a wedding gift. Or make your own table settings with pretty, potted flowers dressed up to match your reception's colours. These also double up as nifty giveaways post reception.

Take it outside

Some couples choose to get married outside, saving on church fees and providing guests with spectacular scenery. Your "Cathedral of the great outdoors" might be a forest clearing, a scenic city park, a dock or backyard at the cottage or at your parents' home. A vineyard is also a great option, and they’ll often do the heavy lifting for you in terms of chairs and set up. This is a great option if you have guests coming in from out of town who will appreciate seeing a location that means something to you instead of the interior of a big-box, no-window banquet hall.

Creative couture

If your dream dress, be it formal or beach chic, costs tens of thousands of dollars and that's not on the cards, consider renting a version of said dress for a sliver of the price. There are numerous bridal dress and couture dress rental shops in most major Canadian cities that can likely accommodate your wishes. Or you can choose to buy a formal bridesmaid dress that pretty much looks like a bridal dress – without the hefty price tag.
Pick and choose what makes sense to you when looking to shave a few bills from your wedding day plans. You'll be happy you did because what you don't spend can help fund a down payment on a house, a dream honeymoon or anything else on your newlywed wish list.

Speak with a Meridian Advisor to help you build a financial plan for your wedding.