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What we’re looking forward to this holiday season

This holiday season is going to be different. Covid-19 means that some of the things we usually look forward to aren’t an option this year, like big gatherings, browsing through stores, and travel. All the same, we all still have a lot to be grateful for. That’s why we asked our Meridian family to weigh in and tell us their wishes for this holiday season.


What are you looking forward to most this year?

family cuddled together on the couch with blankets and coffee


More quality time at home with loved ones

woman reading a book on the couch and holding coffee


More ‘me’ time - finally a chance to finish a book and find a new TV show to obsess over

woman holding up a wrapped present


Less shopping - I’m going for fewer dollars and more feels with meaningful gifts

woman holding a coffee mug relaxing in front of a fire


No crazy schedule of holiday parties to juggle

woman playing in the snow


Spending more time outside no matter the weather - it’s very Canadian

family playing outside in the snow and making a snow angel




Our holiday plans this year

Here are a few stories about how Meridian employees are finding joy in the holidays this year.

“The holidays won't be the same this year, but I'm hoping it will give me and my partner time to create new traditions! This year, more than ever, I'll be looking for ways to help the less fortunate, which is ultimately what the holidays are really all about.”


“I’ll be spending time outside. 2020 has re-ignited my love of the outdoors and how much it really helps me both mentally and physically. I’ve discovered new trails in my neighbourhood that I never knew existed and it’s been a great way to connect with family and friends safely. Snow or shine, I’m finally embracing the Canadian way of life!”


“I'm looking forward to the usual holiday traditions, even if they're on a smaller scale. While I love our usual large family get-togethers, I'm excited for a calmer holiday season, still spent with the people I love.”


“Because this is such an unusual holiday season, I like the idea of embracing it and celebrating what's different. Less consumerism, more reaching out to good family and friends in different ways, more 'me' time, less stress, all those things.”


“A glass of wine and a 1,000-piece puzzle are calling my name!”


“For gifts this year I've been trying to shop local and support friends who own a small business. Way more meaningful and appreciated!”


“I’ll be taking long walks outside and catching up on Netflix shows!”


“I learned to crochet this year, so I’m keeping busy by gifting handmade hats and scarves this season.”


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