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Who else wants to invest in financial markets without risk?


We live in an era that demands the best of both worlds. Why should your investment options be any different?

The answer is, they shouldn’t.

With little guarantees in life, your principal could be one of them.

Meridian is offering investment solutions that provide the potential to capitalize on the growth of multiple major corporations without running the risk of losing your principal investment.

Meridian’s Environmentally Responsible Investing and Technology Index-Linked GICs provide you the flexibility of playing the stock market without developing the pit in your stomach that comes with the potential of taking a loss. That’s because your principal on these index-linked GICs are 100 percent guaranteed.

Index-linked GICs function similar to a traditional GIC in that they offer ultimate security on your investment. The fun part is payments on your return are based on the performance of stocks. Your incremental return accrues when the market is up, while your money is insulated from potential market fluctuations.

See - best of both worlds.

Plus with options like our Environmentally Responsible Investing Index-Linked GIC you not only get the benefits of earning off favourable market performance but gain positive cash flow at maturity through a minimum guaranteed return.

Let’s take a closer look.

Market access with a guaranteed minimum return

The Environmentally Responsible Investing Index-Linked GIC gives you low-risk access to desirable markets that many investors want exposure to. Capitalize on the growth of 15 diverse internationally traded corporations while earning a cumulative return of up to 20 percent over a 5-year term and 10 percent over a 3-year term.

Let’s not forget about the guaranteed minimum return mentioned earlier.

Other key benefits include a guaranteed principal, no management fees or commissions and protection against currency risk.

The Environmentally Responsible Investing Index-Linked GIC will add diversification to your portfolio, allowing you to take advantage of a higher growth potential with the security knowing this investment guarantees that you’ll come out ahead at the time of maturity.

Grow a no-risk investment with the world’s largest tech companies

Get “in” on investing in some the largest tech companies in the world without assuming any risk. Meridian’s Technology Index-Linked GIC gives you market access to technology giants like Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, and IBM, allowing you to capitalize on the performance of their growth with a 100 percent principal guarantee at maturity.

With the Technology Index-Linked GIC, earn up to a 35 percent cumulative return over a 5-year term while enjoying no management fees or commissions, and currency risk protection.

Not to mention the security added to your portfolio.

Upside investors want the best of both worlds

Just because money doesn’t blossom on trees it doesn’t mean you still can’t grow it.

Meridian offers a host of Index-Linked GICs with various minimum and maximum returns so you can nurture your resources through the potential of market performance without risking your root investment.

With Meridian, your investment options aren’t black and white. We believe in offering the best of both worlds – security and market related growth to give our Members every option to fit their investing needs.

To learn more, please visit www.meridiancu.ca/indexlinked.