Frequently Asked Questions

In our ongoing efforts to make a contribution to our customers' business, here are answers to the most common service and operation inquiries.

What is a lease/rental agreement?

It is a contractual, pre-determined schedule of payments with optional ownership. Unless you are provided with a written purchase option, you will be offered an opportunity to purchase the equipment at what is known as Fair Market Value.

How do I exercise my Purchase Option?

The first step is to identify your purchase option date on your contract. Then, notify us of your intent to exercise your early purchase option (no earlier than 60 days before the purchase option date). Finally, you will receive an invoice for the Purchase Option amount. Payment must be received by the due date.

Is the agreement cancellable?

It is a non-cancellable contract. If you wish to cancel it during the course of the term, you may request a buyout.

How do I request a buyout?

Contact our Customer Service at 1 (866) 986-6738 / (604) 646-2247, fax at 1 (866) 687-7091 or (604) 687-7091 or email at

How do I change the bank account for my automatic debit?

Fax a copy of a void cheque to the attention of Customer Service at 1 (866) 687-7091 or (604) 687-7091. Make sure to indicate your lease/rental number(s), contact name, position and phone number. If you don't have access to a fax machine, you can mail the information to:

Meridian OneCap Credit Corp
4710 Kingsway, Suite 1500, Metro Tower 1
Burnaby, BC V5H 4M2

How do I change my billing address?

Send us the new information by fax to 1 (866) 687-7091 or (604) 687-7091 and ensure the request is on your company letterhead or email to

I wish to transfer my lease/rental agreement. Is this possible and how do I proceed?

Fax us a written request at 1 (866) 687-7091 or (604) 687-7091. On review of the request, we will respond within 24 hours.

I am doing my year-end and require details regarding my lease/rental agreement. How do I proceed?

Fax us your request at 1 (866) 687-7091 or (604) 687-7091. We will respond within 24 hours with an audit letter.

I am PST exempt. How do I inform you?

Submit a certificate of exemption to fax number 1 (866) 687-7091 or (604) 687-7091.

Does the equipment financed by Meridian OneCap Credit Corp Lease Finance require insurance coverage?

Yes. It is your responsibility to make sure the equipment is sufficiently covered by property and/or liability insurance. You can satisfy this requirement by obtaining your own insurance or by taking advantage of the coverage offered by Meridian OneCap Credit Corp Please refer to the section for further information regarding this coverage.