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Meridian OneCap Credit Corp provides customized leasing solutions both to help companies sell equipment and to companies that have chosen to lease equipment, rather than buy. For manufacturers and vendors, we enable you to provide your customers with a value-added service that helps your customers acquire equipment efficiently, and gives your company a competitive edge. And for the end user, we can help you to preserve working capital in your business, while benefiting now from the use of the equipment.

Our team is known as industry leaders. We’ve earned our reputation through consistent delivery of financing programs with the most efficient transaction process and superior customer service. With the largest direct sales force within the Canadian market, it’s no wonder our customer service is unparalleled.

Our approach is informed by a wealth of industry understanding. We’ve used that expertise to create leasing solutions for a wide variety of industries. But that’s just our starting point. Because we know that every business is unique, we will customize a solution to meet your business needs. Our flexibility, and yours, is enhanced by a variety of available payment structures.

Meridian OneCap Credit Corp can provide any amount that a client may need. Our clients rely upon our team’s national and local expertise to provide the tools best suited to their market.

Our leadership team has worked in the Canadian finance industry for a combined 120 years. We approach each opportunity with a wealth of knowledge, and a fresh perspective, to create successful sales tools for manufacturers and vendors and tailored programs for end users.

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