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Save smart and earn more with our Registered Savings Plans

Get the most out of your money by saving smart.
Meridian has a variety of Registered Savings Plans that are made to earn you more $$$.

Good To Grow
TFSA High Interest Savings Account

Need a Tax-Free Savings Account that does even more? Open a Good To Grow TFSA High Interest Savings Account and save every dollar tax-free. Plus you can take out any amount, at any time without being taxed.

Great for those saving towards:

  • Vacation
  • Vehicle
  • Home
  • A Rainy Day

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Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP)

Take the worry out of saving for your child’s education with an RESP from Meridian. You can grow your contribution tax-free and faster with the high interest rate. Plus, when you open an RESP, you can also take advantage of the Canada Education Savings Grant and the Canada Learning Bond

Great for those saving for towards:

  • Education
  • My Family's Future
Also available as a part of:

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Good To Grow
RRSP High Interest Savings Account

Looking for a high-value, high interest RRSP account? The Good To Grow RRSP High Interest Savings Account has a great interest rate, no minimum deposit and no monthly fees.

Great for those saving towards:

  • Retirement
  • First Home
  • My Family's Future

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Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF)

Start saving now and retire comfortably. Meridian’s RRIF lets you reap your hard-earned rewards after you turn 71 years of age. It offers you 100% guaranteed principal that protects your investment against loss. 

Also available as a part of: Fixed Rate GICs, RRIF Advantage Savings Account, RRIF Mutual Funds*

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Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP)

Tailored to assist those with disabilities and their families, Meridian’s RDSP provides financial growth and security for the long-term. This is a tax-deferred account and there are is no annual contribution limit. Contributions to an RDSP may also qualify for the Canada Disability Savings Grant (CDSG) and/or the Canada Disability Savings Bond (CDSB). ​​​​

Also available as a part of: RDSP Mutual Funds*

Great for those saving for: My Family's Future

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Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA)

Grow your money faster with a TFSA. Use a TFSA to grow your savings faster by protecting your investment earnings and withdrawals from tax.

Any eligible investments held within a TFSA are tax-sheltered and grow tax free and unlike an RRSP, you do not receive a tax deduction for any contributions made to a TFSA; therefore the proceeds deposited to a TFSA are after-tax 

Canadian residents 18 years of age or older are eligible to contribute to a TFSA and as of January 1, 2019, the annual contribution limit is $6,000, providing up to $63,500 of cumulative contribution room. 

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Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)

A Meridian RRSP provides you with a tax-deferred benefit that grows your money for your retirement. Our competitive rates on a breadth of RRSP products makes Meridian the right place for you to invest.

Want quick and easy contributions but don’t want your money locked in? Meridian has an RRSP product that’s right for you.

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