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A mortgage + home equity line of credit

Get access to your home’s value. Here’s how:

Start with a mortgage. Choose from a fixed or variable rate.

As you pay down the principal, you get access to cash by using your home’s value (equity) as credit.

Pay more down to access more funds you can use for anything you want – like renos, vacations,
and more.

Your equity builds up as you pay off your mortgage, so you can also use it as an alternative to refinancing.

Meridian mortgage perks

Be mortgage-free sooner

We call it 20/20 prepayment. Pay off up to 20% more of your mortgage each year through a combination of prepaying more of your original principal balance and increasing your original mortgage payment.

Skip a payment

Life happens. Breathe easier knowing that you can skip one month’s mortgage payment once every 12 months with no penalty.

Flexible schedules

Choose from weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, or accelerated weekly or bi-weekly payment plans - whatever works for you.

Mortgage protection

Take advantage of CUMIS Group Mortgage Protection (GMP) - a monthly premium that helps safeguard your home in case of financial hardships as a result of conditions such as death, disability or critical illness.

Learn more about the Flex-Equity Mortgage Line

What kind of mortgage do you want?

You can apply for a Flex-Equity Mortgage Line with a fixed or variable rate mortgage. Want to learn more?

Fixed rate mortgages

Lock in a rate that stays the same even when the market changes.

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Variable rate mortgages

Keep your options open with a rate that follows the market.

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How to get a Flex-Equity Mortgage Line

Come talk to us about getting set up with a Flex-Equity Mortgage Line. Feeling good about your mortgage can start with a conversation. Get in touch or arrange for one of our Mortgage Specialists to come to you. It’s easy.