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We’re in the business of helping you get a great mortgage

Are you a business owner, an entrepreneur or self-employed?*
The Meridian Self-Employed Mortgage is the perfect solution if you want to buy a home or refinance an existing mortgage.
We understand small businesses, and we'll work with you to make home ownership possible. You deserve a great mortgage - we can help you get one!

Not sure if you’re considered self-employed?

“Self-employed” is a broad term. It can cover almost anyone - from a business owner with dozens of employees, to a person who makes money selling goods on a site like Etsy. If you’re not sure where you stand, come talk to us!

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How to get a Meridian Self-Employed Mortgage

1. Talk to a mortgage advisor

This is a great opportunity to figure out which one of Meridian’s great mortgages would work best for you, and ask any questions you have.

2. Apply for a mortgage

Work with your mortgage advisor to apply for the mortgage you want. Your advisor will be there every step of the way and together, you’ll work out the details - like how big a mortgage you could get, your rate, and your term.

3. Get ready to move in!

Now that you’ve talked to a mortgage advisor, applied, and worked out the details, you’re ready to move into your dream home!

You can also use the Meridian Self-Employed Mortgage to buy a vacation home, a property to rent out, or to refinance your current mortgage.

Meridian mortgage perks

Be mortgage-free sooner

We call it 20/20 prepayment. Pay off up to 20% more of your mortgage each year through a combination of prepaying more of your original principal balance and increasing your original mortgage payment.

Skip a payment

Life happens. Breathe easier knowing that you can skip one month’s mortgage payment once every 12 months with no penalty.

Flexible schedules

Choose from weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, or accelerated weekly or bi-weekly payment plans - whatever works for you.

Mortgage protection

Take advantage of CUMIS Group Mortgage Protection (GMP) - a monthly premium that helps safeguard your home in case of financial hardships as a result of conditions such as death, disability or critical illness.

What kind of mortgage do you want?

You can get a fixed or variable rate with your Meridian Self-Employed Mortgage. Want to learn more?

Fixed rate mortgages

Lock in a rate that stays the same even when the market changes.

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Variable rate mortgages

Keep your options open with a rate that follows the market.

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Apply for a Meridian Self-Employed Mortgage

Come talk to us about applying for a Meridian Self-Employed Mortgage. Feeling good about your mortgage can start with a conversation. Get in touch or arrange for one of our Mortgage Specialists to come to you. It’s easy.