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Limited time offer. Only transfers-in of registered deposits from plan issuers other than Meridian or those affiliated with Meridian are eligible for the 1% Cash Bonus Offer. See full terms and conditions for details.*


If you are a Meridian Member, contact your local branch or call the Contact Centre to complete the transfer process and receive your 1% cash bonus.

If you are not a Meridian Member, you’ll want to open a High Interest Savings Account.
Once the account is opened, you can start the transfer of your registered funds in any type of investment product and receive the 1% cash bonus.
Get started today using one of the options below:



We’ve got a wide range of savings and investment options to help build your investment portfolio. Transfer your registered funds
to any qualifying registered product (RRSP, TFSA, RRIF) and receive 1% cash bonus*


Meridian is one of Canada's largest credit unions, helping more than a quarter of a million Members grow their lives and their businesses. As a Meridian Member, you will enjoy:

  • 24/7 online banking on our mobile app or at meridiancu.ca
  • Access to over 3,300 surcharge-free ABMs across Canada via The EXCHANGE® Network
  • Over 90 branches across Ontario
  • Friendly assistance and advice from our Contact Centre Team

For more information, please visit meridiancu.ca or call 1 866 592 2226.

*Qualifying accounts are; RRSP, spousal RRSP, RRIF, spousal RRIF, TFSA and any combination of those accounts.  Wealth qualifying accounts also include; LIRA and Life Income Fund accounts. RESP and RDSP accounts do not qualify. 1% Cash Bonus Offer is a limited time offer, payable up to a maximum of $500 per Member, terms and conditions apply. For full Terms and Conditions for funds deposited directly with Meridian, please click here. For full Terms and Conditions for mutual funds, securities, stocks or any other investments through Credential Asset Management Inc. or Credential Securities Inc. please click here

**Interest rates shown are subject to change without notice.  Minimum $100 investment required.  Deposits are insured by Deposit Insurance Corporation of Ontario (DICO) up to $250,000 for non-registered accounts and unlimited for registered accounts. Good To Grow High Interest Savings interest rate is on a per annum basis.  Interest is calculated on the closing daily balance and is paid monthly in the same currency as the account. Index-Linked GICs rates shown are the maximum potential cumulative interest rate earned over the entire length of the term.  At maturity, the interest rate earned is calculated and paid within certain predetermined ranges based on the price performance of the un. derlying investments.  The minimum guaranteed interest rate for the 1-Year Financial Services Index-Linked GIC and the 3-Year Canadian Diversified Index-Linked GICs is 1.50% and is the guaranteed minimum cumulative interest rate earned over the entire length of the term. For an example of how Index-Linked GIC returns are calculated please see the Financial Services Index-Linked GIC Information Sheet.  Please visit Financial Services Index-Linked GIC, Canadian Diversified Index-Linked GIC or contact a branch for more information. Laddered GIC Strategy interest rate is the average interest rate earned when the investment principal is equally distributed across each of the 1 to 5 Year GICs.  For example; the average interest rate of 2.10% is an average of the rates for each of the following five GICs, 1 Year GIC at 1.60%; 2 Year GIC at 1.80%, 3 Year GIC at 2.15%, 4 Year GIC at 2.35%, 5 Year GIC at 2.60%. GIC interest payment frequency is at maturity, compounding annually.

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®Credential is a registered mark owned by Credential Financial Inc. and is used under license.

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