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Express Cheque Deposit

The fast and secure way to deposit

You know it: the time it takes to run and grow your business is incredibly valuable. So why waste it making long and unnecessary trips, over and over, to and from your branch? With Express Cheque Deposit from Meridian, there's never been an easier and more practical way to deposit cheques securely and quickly, from the comfort of your own office or home, right into your business account.

•    It's simple – Set up your cheque scanner and start depositing in virtually no time.
•    It's convenient – Deposit up to 50 cheques at once, anytime, right from your computer.
•    It's cost-effective – Choose a scanner that meets your needs and budget. Here's the full list of recommended cheque scanners.
•    It makes business sense – Deposit cheques faster and access your money faster, too.

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To talk to a Small Business Advisor and sign up for Express Cheque Deposit, call 1-866-592-2226, Option 3.