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Visa Benefits

Along with the convenience of acceptance nearly everywhere around the world, your Visa card includes a wide range of built-in benefits.

Zero Liability1       

Shop with complete confidence – online or in stores:

You’re only responsible for purchases you’ve authorized on your Visa account.

Visa Global Services

Enjoy the peace of mind of emergency assistance virtually anytime and anywhere.
Visa Global Service helps you with reporting a lost or stolen card, obtaining an emergency card replacement or receiving an emergency cash advance.

  • Lost/Stolen Card Reporting — Lost or stolen credit cards can be a major source of fraud. But you can help protect your account against fraud by promptly reporting the theft or loss of your Visa card.
  • Emergency Card Replacement Services — Having your credit card stolen or lost is inconvenient anytime, but especially when traveling. That’s why we’ll work with you to rush a new card to your location.
  • Emergency Cash Advance — If you need cash advanced to you in an emergency, call and we’ll work with you to arrange a convenient location to pick up the cash, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Canada and U.S.: 1.800.847.2113

International Collect: 1.410.902.8011

Verified by Visa*

Online shopping is more popular than ever, and Verified by Visa gives you an extra layer of protection. By registering a password for your Visa card with the Verified by Visa service and shopping online at Verified by Visa enabled merchants, your card can only be used by you to make online purchases. Verified by Visa is available at no cost exclusive to Visa cardholders and helps prevent online fraud before it happens.

Visa payWave*

Breeze through checkout faster with Visa payWave. Simply wave your Visa card in front of a secure reader and you’ll be on your way. No need to swipe. No need to sign. No worries about paying with cash.

Address Verification Services

Visa takes protecting your account even further with Address Verification Services. By matching the address on your account with the address given when making a purchase, Visa works with merchants to cut down on fraud and help protect your account.