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Natural Resource

Index-Linked GIC

Capitalize on the growth potential

of raw material prices


  • $100 minimum investment for registered and non-registered accounts
  • Earned interest paid at maturity
  • Available for a 5-year term
  • Download the information sheet (PDF)


  • Minimum return guaranteed at maturity
  • No management fees or commissions
  • Principal completely guaranteed at maturity
  • Protection against currency risk
  • 100% participation rate –receive the increases made on the index-linked GIC over the term up to a maximum rate
  • Deposits are insured by Deposit Insurance Corporation of Ontario (DICO)

Rate of Return

  • Current Offering: January 30, 2017 to March 25, 2017 
  • Maximum cumulative rate over 5-year period: 20.00% (3.71% annualized) 
  • Average Annual Return: 2.37%
  • Maximum cumulative rate has been reached 15.50% of the time historically 
  • Download performance results (PDF)

Natural Resources Reference Market Weight % Allocation
Copper London Metal Exchange Limited (LME) 16.67
Corn Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) 16.67
Crude Oil New York Mercantile Exchange 16.67
Gold London Gold Market Fixing Limited 16.67
Natural Gas New York Mercantile Exchange 16.67
Sugar New York Board of Trade (NYBOT) 16.67
Total   100.00

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