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Standard banking services just for being a Member

Interac e-Transfer®

Simple, convenient and secure – Interac e-Transfer® lets you send money directly to anyone in Canada.

Available through Meridian’s online banking or mobile banking app.

Interac e-Transfer

To protect our Members, we've placed the following limits on the amount of money that can be sent or received using Interac e-Transfer.

Limits    Receive    Send
Per Transfer    $1-10,000    $1-3,000
Daily    $10,000    $3,000
Weekly    $70,000    $10,000
Monthly    $300,000    $20,000
A fee of $1.25 will apply to each e-Transfer sent.

Mobile Pay

Want to make a purchase without having to reach for cash or pull out your debit card? Meridian’s Mobile Pay turns your Android phone into a debit card through Meridian’s Mobile Banking App.

Secure, fast, and free to use, Mobile Pay is a cardless and convenient option when you’re paying at a retailer or merchant location.

All it takes is a quick tap of your phone to the merchant’s Interac Flash® point-of-sale device and that’s it. Available for Android Phones 4.4 (KitKat) and higher. 

Mobile Pay

Deposit Anywhere™

Save yourself a trip to the branch or ABM with Deposit Anywhere™! Through Meridian’s Mobile App, you can deposit Canadian cheques into your account with an Apple or Android device.

Safe, secure and free to use - Deposit Anywhere™ is a convenient and easy way to deposit a personalized cheque anywhere, anytime. Just snap a photo of your cheque (front and back) with your mobile phone and deposit it directly into your account.

Download our app today!

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Money Mover

Money Mover allows you to link an external account so you can transfer money between your account(s) at Meridian and your account(s) at another financial institution. Once set up, these transfers can be initiated by you at any time from Meridian’s Online Banking website or via our Mobile Banking App. 

Whether you need to move money quickly or automatically move a little from each paycheque – you can do both without having to go to a branch. Plus, you can easily move money to or from your Meridian Account.

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Interac Flash®

Make debit purchases even easier and more convenient by using Interac Flash®. With Interac Flash®, you don’t need to enter a PIN or sign your name when you make a purchase under $100. All you need to do is hold your card flat in front of the participating merchant point of sale terminal or card reader that supports Interac Flash®. It’s secure, easy and convenient. And you use Interac Flash® at any participating merchant across Canada - wherever you see the Interac Flash® logo.


ClickSWITCHTM is an online solution that simplifies process of switching your recurring payments and direct deposits to Meridian. ClickSWITCHTM can also initiate the closure of your accounts at another financial institution.

To get started, contact your local branch or the Meridian Contact Centre at 1-866-592-2226. 

To learn more about ClickSWITCHTM, watch this video.  

Bill Payment Alert

Meridian offers three different online bill payment alerts to better track your payments. The Bill Payment Alert lets you know when your bill is processed, the Upcoming Bill Payment Alert lets you know a few days prior when a bill is due, and a Scheduled Bill Payment Failed Alert lets you know when a bill payment has failed.

Direct Deposit Alert

Want to know when your cheque has arrived in your bank account? The Direct Deposit Alert lets you know when money is electronically deposited into your account. You can also set the threshold amount for this so you only get notified when you want to.

Bounced Cheque Alert

Meridian offers two bounced cheque alerts: Insufficient Funds Alert and Failed Deposit Alert. So whether a cheque that you wrote bounces or a cheque that is deposited bounces, we notify you in either case.

Debit Card Transaction Alert

Get notified when an ABM or debit transaction on your account is made.

End of the Day Low Balance Alert

The End of the Day Low Balance Alert is an online function that lets you know when you’re at a balance that you’ve designated as too low.

Set this alert to a minimum balance so you’ll always know if you’re in danger of overspending.

Fraud Alerts

We give you four different Fraud Alerts, should any suspicious account activity ever happen. New Bill Payee Added, Password Changed, Contact Information Changed and Account Locked are all alerts designed to give you peace of mind and protect you against fraud.