Meridian's Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

Meridian’s corporate social responsibility is about operating in a way that is responsible to our Members and our employees, that is respectful to the environment and supports the communities in which we live and work. 

We live up to that responsibility every day in dozens of different ways through our Good Neighbour Program.

A program based on community input

The Good Neighbour Program is based on what we have heard from people in Meridian communities.  We have asked people in community forums and in thousands of individual discussions what Meridian can do to help make our communities strong, vibrant and inclusive.

With the Good Neighbour Program, we have put many of those ideas into practice.

For example, based on suggestions from the community, we instituted a volunteer matching program in which we will match employees who want to volunteer with organizations in the community that match their interests.

Focused on our communities

The Good Neighbour Program reflects what we are as a financial institution.

Our credit union was originally founded by farmers, small business people and employees who could not find financial services that met their needs in their communities.

Today, Meridian has more than 220,000 Members from all walks of life.  Our hallmark is our focus on neighbourhood banking, local decision-making and reinvesting our Members’ money in Members’ communities.  We invest that money in mortgages and loans to help people in our communities realize their dreams.  It is used to provide financial services to more than 10,000 businesses and farmers, creating tens of thousands of local jobs.

That community focus that has made us so successful as a financial institution extends to all of our initiatives – economic, social and environmental – under the Good Neighbour Program.

This web site includes many of the things we are doing in our Members’ communities.

We also have a Meridian Facebook page that, in addition to this site, we update regularly.

Thank you for your interest in our corporate social responsibility program. If you have any suggestions on what we can do to make our Members’ communities strong, vibrant and inclusive, please email:

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