Meridian's Commitment To Communities - we help lives grow.

One of the many ways we help lives grow is through Meridian’s Commitment To Communities. Ours is a local commitment. It is based on the cooperative values and beliefs our Members and employees share. Through it, we invest money and our time and talent to help build prosperous, resilient communities where people can grow their lives.

Our commitment:

  1. ​Improve financial literacy with a special focus on local entrepreneurs.
  2. Invest in local organizations, businesses and activities that make our communities strong.
  3. Ensure that our employees lead healthy, safe and balanced lives; benefit from and take ownership of our success; and are supported in donating their time, skills and resources to their community.
  4. Create a healthier environment by improving our environmental impact in the community.
  5. Support a strong cooperative sector

On an ongoing basis our commitment is to invest four percent of our pre-tax earnings (based on a 5-year rolling average) into our Member communities, in alignment with LBG Canada​ guidelines.

If you have any questions about Meridian’s Commitment to Communities and our community investment program please contact

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