Our Good Neighbour Program Commitment

Our Good Neighbour Program commitment to the social fabric of our communities

Meridian is committed to the communities that we have served for decades.  We do this by making donations to organizations, sponsoring events, volunteering time and raising money.  Here are some of the ways we help.

Donations and sponsorships

Since 2005, Meridian has approved more than $5 million in donations and sponsorships to support more than 2,800 neighbourhood organizations and events.

Volunteer matching program

We match Meridian volunteers with organizations and good causes in the communities where they live or work.

United Way

Every year, more than 1,000 Meridian employees come together to raise funds for the United Way.  Our average annual employee and corporate contribution to the United Way is $150,000.

Wellness days

Every Meridian employee receives three paid wellness days off every year so that they can volunteer their time in the community.

Wear for care

Every Friday, Meridian employees can support local groups through a $2 contribution for the right to wear jeans to work. Since the program was implemented, more than $26,000 has been raised.

Cooperative Young Leaders Summer Camp program

Every year, we send as many as 14 children of Meridian Members to Cooperative Young Leaders, a week-long camp that brings young people together from all across Ontario to learn about, and practice, communication and leadership through cooperative activities.

Community Cause accounts

We establish Community Cause accounts through which our Members can easily contribute to the United Way, to help neighbours who may have experienced a loss through a fire or accident, or to help with victims of natural disasters such as the earthquakes in Haiti and Chile or the tsunami that devastated southeast Asia.

In-kind services

We provide meeting space in our branches and other in-kind services, from photocopying to financial advice to community organizations that need it.

Top 100 Employer

In addition to our commitment to the communities we serve, we have made a commitment to our employees to remain an employer of choice.  As well as ensuring that our employees have highly competitive salaries and benefits, we communicate with our employees, take their opinions into account when making decisions, and provide training, mentoring and opportunities for advancement.  As a result, Meridian has been named a Top 100 Employer by Maclean’s magazine in 2009 and 2010, an award based on the way an organization is run.

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