Our newest Meridian Members

​​"You walk into the banks and you're just a number. You walk into Meridian, and it's 'Hi Rob, Hi Lou'."

​We call them by name...

Rob and Louisa Rudlin have been going through a lot of changes recently. They’ve just moved in with one of their sons, into a newly-built in-law suite. And the day we spoke to them, Louisa was finishing her last-ever shift as a waitress at Swiss Chalet. After 32 years.

How many of us last 32 years with one employer these days?

Rob, who’s a retired firefighter, laughs when he says “I didn’t expect her to last one year, never mind 32.”

And just this past February, Rob and Louisa became Meridian Members. Rob explains, “It’s kind of funny. We were in a restaurant sitting by the window, and there was a vehicle parked outside and it had ‘Meridian’ right on the hood. I was curious and I checked it out on the internet. And then we went in to meet the people there and they were very friendly.”

“Barb, Laura, all of them, they couldn’t have been any nicer. You walk into the banks and you’re just a number. You walk into Meridian, and it’s ‘hi Rob, hi Lou.’”

“We opened an account and we’re now in the process of moving everything to Meridian.”

Meridian offers a wide range of very investment products, but once again, we discovered that every Member is different.

Said Rob, “we’re more savers than we are investors. With savings, you don’t get as much money in the interest column, but it’s just more comfortable for us.”

We asked them what they were going to do now that both of them are retired. Rob explained, “We’d like to do some travelling. Lou’d like to go to England, and I’d like to go to Scotland as well.”

“And the people at Meridian offered us a loan if we wanted an RV or trailer, which was nice.”

So we had to ask, “would you recommend Meridian to your friends?”

Rob’s answer was short and to the point. “Oh, we already do.”

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