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Ready to bank differently

Ready to bank differently?

We’re here for you. Close to home.

At Meridian, banking feels good

Ever wondered if a credit union would be a better fit for you? Unlike larger financial institutions, credit unions are owned by their Members, not by shareholders. At Meridian, this means we reinvest profit into the products and services, financial tools, and community programs that best serve our Members.

With 370,000 Members and more than 75 years of banking history, Meridian is Ontario’s largest credit union. In addition to helping Members save, borrow, and invest, we actively support the communities we serve.

We offer the same products and services as big banks


Personal Banking

From flexible chequing and savings accounts to innovative credit cards, loans, and mortgages, we offer fantastic service and really great rates.


Wealth Management

At Meridian, we believe that wealth management is for everyone. A Meridian Financial Planner can create a customized plan to help you manage and grow your finances.


Business Banking

Whether you are starting, growing, managing, or transitioning a business, we have industry expertise and innovative products to help your business thrive.

Offers valued at up to $750 for new Members


We’re pleased to offer special incentives when you join Meridian. Whether you’re looking for personal banking, wealth management, or business banking, we’re ready to welcome you with incentives valued at up to $750. 

  • Personal Banking - one year of free chequing1 when you become a Meridian Member
  • Wealth Management - get up to $7502 when you transfer funds to Meridian Wealth
  • Business Banking - one year of free business chequing3 when you become a Meridian Business Member

To find out more, talk to a Meridian Advisor at your local branch.

Invest in Good - Series 23 Shares

When you purchase Meridian’s Invest in Good - Series 23 Shares, you get an annual minimum dividend rate of 6.50%4 – and you help enable all the financial and community support at the heart of what we do.

Learn more about Invest in Good - Series 23 Shares.


In their own words

Hear it directly, from Meridian Members in the community.

"We feel as though we have found a true professional. We've had many financial advisors at many different banking institutions and Dan Carbone is by far the best. He's an amazing asset for Meridian."

– Meridian Member, Niagara Falls

"I’m always satisfied with my financial advisor Nancie Taylor, and her support and honest approach to handling my portfolio. My daughter moved some of her investments to Meridian after meeting with Nancie."

– Meridian Member, Port Colborne

"My financial planner, Maryam Mahdavifar, is amazing! She’s always staying on top of my investments and her advice has been spot on. Also, as a senior, I really appreciate the easy online banking and no banking fees."

– Meridian Member, Niagara Falls

See how Meridian Business Banking supports a local franchise owner.

When this Member needed help to finance a Popeye's franchise, he turned to Meridian.

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Meridian for Good

At Meridian, investing in our communities is a foundational part of our identity. We pride ourselves on being inclusive and transparent, while helping our Members thrive in the communities they call home.

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