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Financial services for professionals

Supporting you through each step of your professional journey

Whether you’re a student, starting your professional career, or expanding your practice, you need a financial partner that understands your needs.
As part of Meridian’s Banking for Professionals program, you’ll have access to a dedicated business advisor. Someone who will help you plan for success, manage the growth of your practice, and avoid obstacles along the way.

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Professional services highlights

Dental practice

Meridian arranged financing for a $1.85 million share purchase for a dental practice. This funding enabled the principal owner to buyout their partner and grow their practice.


Meridian provided a $147K line of credit for a pharmacy loan payout. This gave the pharmacy owner a more flexible way to manage their debt.

Our specialists can help

Brian Mochas
Brian Mochas
Director of Program Lending

I have over 20 years experience in business banking which includes many years developing and operationalizing targeted banking and financing programs. We can provide custom banking and financing solutions that help franchise businesses achieve financial well-being. With decades of experience and expertise, my team and I can help you succeed.

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Jeff Thomas
Jeff Thomas
Manager of Program Lending

I have over 30 years of financial experience and a passion for using my knowledge and expertise to help professionals achieve their business dreams. I have experience in both commercial and small business lending, with a focus on financing options like lines of credit, term loans for financing equipment, leaseholds, and real estate.

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Healthcare professionals

We understand that every practice is different. Whether you’re a newly qualified or seasoned healthcare provider, we can provide you with tailored financial solutions that will support your business through every stage. We can help you start or expand your practice successfully.

Explore services for a variety of healthcare professionals: 

Our experienced advisors also offer financial services for dentists, physiotherapist, nurse practitioners, naturopaths, chiropodists/podiatrists, audiologist/Pathologist, and RMTs.

Starting out

Thinking about opening your own practice or business? Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you starting your own practice or buying a partnership in an existing one?
  • Have you considered your location? Is there competition already in place?
  • How will you balance your work life and home life?
  • Do you need to repay your student loans?

Expanding your practice

Meridian can offer financial solutions for:

  • Purchasing equipment, medications, and supplies
  • Buying your own location
  • Launching an additional practice
  • Launching additional branches (retail pharmacists)

Law, accounting, and other professionals

Explore the benefits of working with a financial partner who is knowledgeable about your particular industry. Get tailored solutions that will support your business through every stage.

Explore services for a variety of professionals:


Need a loan for your education?

For students about to start their professional studies, we have enhanced our student line of credit to help you pay for your education. Speak to us about your program of study and how we can help you.

Member story

Continuing a legacy

Transcript for video about how Meridian helped Dr. Judene Smith, owner of Smith family dentistry, evaluate her family business.

Length (1:10) Transcript

Ready to get started?

Our experts are here to support every aspect of your franchise. We’re eager to help you start, manage, and grow your business. Please contact one of our advisors to find out how we can support your journey.

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