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Wealth Management

Meridian Member from Racing to Zero, a dark skinned man wearing jeans and a red sweatshirt.

Grow your wealth and your financial confidence

Around here, advice is for everyone

Work with one of our expert Financial Planners or invest for yourself online. Either way, Meridian Wealth has the advice and the tools to help grow your wealth and your financial confidence.

A light skinned, male, Meridian advisor, talking with a client and sharing reports.

Financial planning

Get the expert advice you need, for the future you want

Work with a Meridian Financial Planner. Together, you’ll build a personalized plan to reach your financial goals.

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A dark-haired woman working on her laptop. The Qtrade Direct Investing website is displayed on screen.

Qtrade Direct Investing®

Manage your investments online, with confidence

We’ve partnered with Qtrade Direct Investing® to give you the confidence to buy and sell stocks, bonds, ETFs, and mutual funds – with low trading fees.

Explore Qtrade Direct Investing
A light skinned woman at her place of business, a bakery. She is standing beside a tray of desserts.


Around here, women get the best advice possible

From raising families to raising funding for businesses, women face unique financial challenges. Our experienced Financial Planners are passionate about helping women gain confidence and live their best lives.

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You said it

”All of a sudden, all of the things I loved and cared about most for the business, were being reflected back to me as information that the community felt the same way about what we were doing.” 

Melanie Côté

Member Since 2021

Owner, Do Good Donuts

Melanie Côté, Owner, Do Good Donuts. Melanie is at her bakery shop, smiling, standing with a child.

Around here, your financial confidence matters.

Grow your wealth with a partner who puts your goals and your well-being first.

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