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Specialty business financing programs

Specialty business financing programs

We offer a broad range of specialty business borrowing options, including corporate structured financing, condominium corporation financing, equipment leasing and more.

Corporate structured financing


This is right for you if:You’re interested in growing your business with a trusted Meridian partner.

  • Competitive financing, including corporate, working capital, leveraged, syndicated, acquisition, bridge, project, and real estate.
  • Leasing equipment and leasehold improvements.
  • Cash Management: operational, investment, and liquidity.
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Morrison Financial

This is right for you if: You are a condo corp owner in need of financing for repairs, upgrades or renovations.

  • Experience and expertise: Morrison Financial has offered condo financing since 1994.
  • Ideal financing for repair and replacement of common elements and upgrading suites.
  • Finance any element repair or maintenance project, including roofing, brick pointing, garage work, windows, balconies, fire retrofitting, elevators, and more.
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COOL Auto Program


This is right for you if: You are interested in a mortgage to purchase your auto dealership premises.

  • Take greater ownership and grow your business.
  • Up to 100% financing.
  • Flexible payment schedules, a wide range of terms, and competitive rates.
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Meridian OneCap

This is right for you if: You’re a manufacturer, distributor or dealer, looking for an equipment leasing partner.

  • OneCap is a wholly owned subsidiary of Meridian Credit Union.
  • Asset financing in the form of capital leases and loan agreements for a range of equipment and systems.
  • Keep and control your cash through leasing: invest more in your business.
  • Upgrade outdated equipment – better performance for increased productivity.
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