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Switch to eStatements

Switch to eStatements

Why you should switch to eStatements

eStatements look exactly the same as the statements you get in the mail! The only difference is that you view them through Meridian Online Banking, which comes with these great benefits:


Less paper clutter

No more storing and shredding paper statements! Plus, online statements don’t require paper or ink, so you also help the environment.


More convenient

Review all statements, for all accounts, in one place! Plus, it’s easy to download, file, or even print them on your own computer if you want.


Safe and secure

Meridian Online Banking keeps your statements 100% secure. Plus, we keep statements online for seven years, so it’s easy to review your finances.

How to switch to eStatements

Switch to eStatements in three simple steps!

Online Banking home page. The link to ‘Download Monthly Statements’ is highlighted.

Sign in to Online Banking and select ‘Download Monthly Statements’ on the home page.

The Online Statements page where there is a dropdown menu of your account numbers and a Register button.

2. On the Online Statements page, choose an account number and select ‘Register’ to receive eStatements. Repeat for your other accounts to get eStatements for all of them.

The Online Statements page for an account that is registered for eStatements and gives you the option to review your monthly eStatements by year.

3. Once you have registered an account, you can review all your monthly eStatements by year.