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Tools and Calculators

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Tools and calculators

Would a different account help you save faster? How much mortgage can you afford? When will you have enough money to retire? We have great tools and calculators to help you do the math and get the answers you need. Plus, if you still have questions, our Meridian advisors are always happy to talk it through with you!


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Financial Wellness
Our Financial Wellness tools provide recommendations and advice for managing everyday finances, coping with unexpected costs, and planning for your future.

Tools for saving and investing

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Savings goal calculator
What are you saving for? Calculate how much you need to save, and how long it will take to reach your savings goal.
Calculate savings for a goal
a percentage sign inside a magnifying glass
Compare interest calculator
Use this calculator to compare Meridian savings options and find out how much you could save in one year.
calculate interest
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Pay yourself first calculator
Calculate your savings over time by making regular contributions to an investment plan.
Calculate savings over time
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RESP calculator
Find out how much you could save for a child's education over a specified period of time.
Calculate education savings
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Retirement calculator
Run the numbers and find out if you will have enough money to last through your retirement.
Calculate retirement savings
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Investment calculator
Compare the future value of different investments based on how much you contribute over time.
Calculate investment growth
Will the money last
Calculate how long your money will last
Find out how long your savings will last over time. Enter different values and compare scenarios.
Calculate your savings duration
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Compound interest calculator
Compounding interest can accelerate your savings savings over time. Enter different values and get the future value of your savings.
Calculate compound interest


Tools for mortgages and loans

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Mortgage payment calculator
Find out how much your mortgage payments will be.
calculate mortgage payments
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Mortgage affordability calculator
Find out how much you can afford to pay for a new home.
calculate how much you can afford
Mortgage quiz
No matter where you are in your home ownership journey, we can help you find a mortgage that works for you.
Take the quiz
a loan document and some dollar notes
Loan payment and compare calculator
Find out how much your loan payments will be.
calculate loan payments
two houses with calculator
Mortgage refinance calculator
If you’re thinking of refinancing to access some of the equity in your home, try our Mortgage Refinance Calculator.
Get your blended rate

Financial planning tools

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Budget calculator
Use this calculator to find out how you're spending your money.
Start a budget
a closed jar with gold coins inside and some dollar notes lying beside it in front of a house
Net worth calculator
This gives you a helpful snapshot of your current financial situation.
Discover your net worth
3 columns of gold coins stacked together and an arrow sign towards right
Investor profile: discover which portfolio fits you best
Answer a series of questions to determine what type of investor you are, and which portfolio makes sense for you.
Find your investor profile
a calculator
Calculate and compare RRSPs
Find out how you can grow your RRSP using different strategies. Enter different values and compare scenarios.
Calculate your RRSP savings

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