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Manage my credit card

Manage your business credit card

A great credit card makes it easy to manage your business expenses, make payments, track employee spending, and redeem rewards. From activation to customization, Meridian’s business cards are designed to simplify your business.

Activate your business credit card

You can activate your new business credit card over the phone or online. To activate by phone, call 1 (877) 205-3142. If you are the account administrator you can activate all cards associated with the account at the same time by calling 1 (866) 592-2226. To activate online, log in to eZCard. Then, select ‘Account Services’, go to ‘Card Activation’, and confirm your card expiration date. If you are a Meridian Member, you can also sign in to eZCard through your Meridian business online banking account. Simply go to your Credit Card page, and choose ‘eZCard’ from the ‘Select an action’ menu.

Interested in more tips on activating your card? Check out:

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Keep your account secure

If you ever suspect that your card has been stolen, compromised, or lost, report it immediately by calling 1 (877) 558-3049. Our team will help with anything you need.

You can also create customized alerts in eZCard to track your transaction, credit card balance, upcoming payments, and more.

eZCard helps you manage accounts and rewards

Meridian online banking platform on credit card account page, with ‘Select an action’ menu highlighted

With eZCard, cardholders can activate their account, update personal information, redeem rewards, sign up for custom alerts, review transactions, and more. Log in to eZCard. Or, if you are a Meridian Member, you can access eZCard through business online banking – simply choose ‘eZCard’ from the ‘Select an action’ menu on the Credit Card account page.

eZBusiness gives account administrators oversight and control

With eZBusiness, account administrators can review transactions for all associated business cards, lock or unlock individual cards, reset passwords, and create alerts. It comes with features designed to help you manage your expenses, credit card billing, and more.

Learn more about eZCard and eZBusiness

Why am I getting fraud alerts from Meridian?

Each time you use your Meridian Visa, our fraud detection system learns more about your transactional behaviour so it can better identify potentially unauthorized transactions or fraudulent activity. As a result, you may receive a fraud alert through a text message and/or email when making a purchase. When the system identifies an unusual transaction, the alert message will ask you to verify whether the transaction is legitimate.

Here are some tips for handling fraud alerts:

  • Text message alerts will come from the short code “869750”.
  • Email alerts will come from Note: Please ensure that you respond only to messages from these specific senders.
  • If you receive an alert, please proceed with the verification process as outlined above. Note: If your transaction is declined and you have not received a Fraud Alert notification, please check your email spam folder.
  • If you deleted or ignored an alert, you can also validate a transaction by calling the number on the back of your card.
  • To receive these important alerts in a timely fashion with minimal interruption to transactions, please ensure that we have your current contact information on file.

Questions about your business credit card?

We’ve got answers you’re looking for. Check out our frequently asked questions – we answer all your questions about activating your card, making changes to your account and cardholders, credit card security, rewards, payments, and more.

Explore frequently asked questions

All the easy ways to pay

Pay the way you want with your business credit card – we make it easy to use your card where and how you want.

Mobile wallet

Add your Meridian Visa Credit Card to your phone’s mobile wallet and pay for purchases using Apple Pay®, Google Pay™, or Samsung Pay®.

Contactless payment

Pay with a wave of your hand. Just look for the contactless symbol at point-of-sale terminals - you can pay securely without swiping or entering your PIN.

Chip and PIN

Your card comes with Chip and PIN protection, replacing the need for a signature and adding extra protection against unauthorized use, counterfeiting, and skimming.

Check out Meridian’s rewards

Meridian’s business credit cards offer great rewards. Your purchases add up to valuable cash rewards that you can redeem for your choice of gift cards, merchandise, travel, account credit, and more.

Learn more about rewards
Review legal documents

Familiarize yourself with your business credit card’s disclosures, agreements, rewards terms and certificates of insurance. We’ve collected all the information and forms you could possibly need.

Review legal documents

Credit card support

Our dedicated Cardholder Service team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In Canada and the U.S. call 1 (877) 558-3049. Outside of Canada and the U.S., call international collect 1 (727) 570-4899.

Smiling woman wearing a headset and sitting at a computer.

What credit card support can do for you

Calling credit card support gives you access to multiple services and options. You can:

  • Hear a recording of basic information about your credit card balance, recent transactions, and payments
  • Dispute a transaction
  • Report your card lost or stolen
  • Get information about credit card rewards
  • Speak to a customer service representative

Note: To request a credit limit increase, or add/remove of employees, an account admin can reach out to their relationship manager.