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Manage your credit card

Manage Your Business Credit Card

It’s easy to manage your business credit card – from setting up fraud alerts, paying with your mobile device, or reviewing your account activity and settings online. 

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Manage your business credit card account with eZBusiness

eZBusiness is a dedicated portal for account administrators.

  • Stay in control of your business account by reviewing all associated business cards, lock or unlock individual cards, reset passwords, and create alerts

  • Plus, manage your expenses – eZBusiness will display items that need your immediate attention, like overdue payments or payments coming due in 5 days

  • Ability to request and cancel cards, change card limits and so much more

Log into eZBusiness

Cardholders can access their account online with eZCard

Cardholders get secure, convenient access to their account information online, any time.

  • View current balance, available credit, and transaction history – both pending and posted

  • Find a specific transaction with enhanced keyword search

  • Sign up for paperless eStatements

  • Dispute a suspicious transaction

  • Alert us when traveling or when expecting unusual volume of card activity


Fraud protection

Fraud specialists monitor your account 24/7 using sophisticated tools to catch suspicious activity. If we notice anything unusual, we’ll contact you immediately to determine if there are unauthorized actions associated with your account.

If you indicated that the transactions were not fraud, your card will continue to be available for use. If the transaction is unrecognized, we will block usage of your credit card unless we hear from you that the transaction was authorized. If the transaction is confirmed as fraudulent, we may re-issue your account and send you a new card.

Make purchases with your phone

Add your Meridian Visa Credit Card to your phone’s mobile wallet and pay for purchases using Apple Pay®, Google Pay™, or Samsung Pay®.

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Apple Pay® for iPhone®, iPad® and Apple Watch™
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Google Pay™ for Android devices
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Samsung Pay® for Samsung devices
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Chip and PIN

As part of our commitment to providing you with the highest level of card security, your card is equipped with Chip and Personal Identification Number (PIN) protection. The encrypted microchip is virtually impossible to duplicate and works with your PIN instead of your signature for transaction verification. 

With your Chip and PIN card, you never need to hand your card over to anyone to complete a transaction. Your private PIN replaces your signature, so your benefits include:

  • Added peace of mind
  • Increased security against unauthorized use of your card
  • Increased security against counterfeiting and skimming

Don’t share your PIN

Your PIN is unique to you. No one else can use your card without the PIN, so ensure your own peace of mind by keeping your PIN private and protected. You can change your PIN at any time.

Frequently asked questions

Smiling woman wearing a headset and sitting at a computer.

What credit card support can do for you

Calling credit card support gives you access to multiple services and options. You can:

  • Hear a recording of basic information about your credit card balance, recent transactions, and payments
  • Dispute a transaction
  • Report your card lost or stolen
  • Get information about credit card rewards
  • Make changes to your credit card account, like requesting a credit limit increase, removing cash security, adding or removing an authorized user, etc.
  • Speak to a customer service representative