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Industry financing programs

Industry financing programs

Find the right type of financing for your specific industry. Explore borrowing options for a variety of business types, including land development and construction, agriculture, hospitality, franchises, and professional services.

Land development and construction financing

Three coworkers wearing safety gear at a construction site looking at a blueprint plan

This is right for you if: You need financing to purchase land or manage a construction project.

  • Work closely with an industry specialist who has extensive experience in real estate financing, from land, through servicing and construction.
  • Get development financing for a range of asset class projects including multi-family, condominium and freehold builds.
  • Full range of business banking products and services from land and construction loans to swing lines and letters of credit.
Explore land development and construction financing

Commercial real estate financing

This is right for you if: You need financing to purchase a commercial property.

  • Work closely with an Commercial Real Estate specialist who has extensive experience in Commercial Real Estate financing from multi-unit residential, commercial & industrial properties, retirement homes and self-storage.
  • Full range of business banking products and services to help manage your cash flow.
Explore commercial real estate financing
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Agriculture financing

This is right for you if: You need the right financing to run your farming or agricultural business efficiently.

  • Work with an advisor who understands unique challenges, such as production cycles, market changes, and seasonal effects.
  • Agricultural loans for equipment at competitive rates with flexible repayment terms.
  • Lines of credit to better manage cash flow and day-to-day operating expenses.
  • Farm mortgages with competitive rates and flexible terms.
Explore agriculture financing

Financing for professionals

This is right for you if: You’re a professional (or student) in accounting, architecture, engineering, law, healthcare, or real estate in need of financing for education or growing your practice.

  • Finance educational costs with a student line of credit.
  • Borrow for equipment, lease holds, or real estate.
  • Work with a partner who will support you through every stage of your career.
Explore financing for professionals
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Hospitality financing

This is right for you if: You’re a restaurant or hotel owner in need of financing.

  • Work with a top lender in the Ontario hotel sector; industry specialist in all markets.
  • We actively support our Membership during difficult market conditions and assist in future growth as market conditions improve.
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Franchise financing

This is right for you if: You are a franchise owner, or you’re thinking of purchasing a franchise, and looking for financing options.

  • Borrowing options for Master, Turnkey, Unit and In-store franchising.
  • Flexible finance lending options, financial advice, and support.
  • Prepare for your financial statements, business plan, and a cash-flow forecast.
Explore financing options for franchises
Business owner smiles as she stands outside of her restaurant, wearing an apron and holding a tablet