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Environmental, Social, and Governance at Meridian

Environmental, Social,
and Governance (ESG)

Our deep dedication to communities, people, and the planet

Meridian’s 2023 ESG report invites you to learn about our approach, plans, and performance relating to our Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy.

Our vision is to be recognized as an inclusive, transparent, and people-focused financial partner. We focus on the long-term interests of Meridian Members and the communities we serve. We are a business that uses its profits in service of our purpose. By doing so, we deepen relationships with existing Members and foster lasting relationships with new ones.


We work to minimize the environmental impact of our operations and services


We play an active role in the community and treat our employees, Members and suppliers fairly, equitably and respectfully


We consider long-term environmental and social impacts when making decisions and policies

Putting our purpose into action

All across Ontario in 2023

$4.5 million in community investment

Being a good corporate citizen is at the heart of our business and has been an integral part of who we are for more than 80 years. We partner with organizations that serve those facing economic barriers on the key challenges confronting communities today, with a focus on housing affordability, access to financial services, gaining financial confidence, and climate change.

$327 million in planet-friendly assets

Sustainable environmental practices will ensure that we can continue to plan for a future that is clean, resilient and diverse. We had $327 million in assets under management (AUM) of green, sustainable, and sustainability-linked products.

$10 million to assist Indigenous governments

We invested in a debt security issuance by the First Nations Finance Authority, a not-for-profit offering pooled financing options for Indigenous governments.

$161.1 million in Path to Purpose support

We support borrowers in three Path to Purpose categories including affordable housing, healthcare and social assistance, and borrowers who self-select through voluntary disclosure, such as a women-owned, Black-owned or Indigenous businesses.