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Environmental, Social, and Governance at Meridian

Environmental, Social,
and Governance (ESG)

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What does ESG stand for?

ESG, also known as Corporate Social Responsibility, is a framework that holds companies accountable for incorporating Environmental, Social, and Governance into their business models and organizational decision making. At Meridian, being a good corporate citizen is at the heart of our business; it’s been an integral part of who we are for over 75 years.

By formalizing our ESG program, we’re building on the philosophy that has guided us for decades and takes our commitment to the next level. This means developing a long-term strategy for measuring, managing, and reporting on initiatives, and integrating ESG into our decision making.


Our ESG commitment

We’re committed to embracing diversity, and encouraging openness, honesty, and respect. We recognize our obligations to stakeholders and the greater community and the impact that we have on the world. We support the transition to a sustainable future, building financial confidence, and providing products, services, and tools that will help our Members achieve their best lives.

Explore our ESG commitment (PDF, 502 KB)


Our climate commitment

Climate change is a global crisis that impacts everyone, everywhere. And there’s a clear connection between how the finance industry operates and the health of our local communities.

Meridian aims to become a local climate leader in the financial sector by committing to impactful climate policies and financially supporting the transition to a cleaner economy for business and individual Members.

Learn about our climate commitment (PDF, 292 KB)

Jay-Ann Gilfoy
A message from our CEO, Jay-Ann Gilfoy
As a Member-based organization, we’re agile, allowing us to address pressing issues in real time and make a real difference. We’re actioning our purpose in three key areas:
  1. Economic inclusion: ensuring our Members have access to the capital they need to meet their goals
  2. Environmental stewardship: helping Members transition to a future that is greener and cleaner
  3. Financial confidence: giving Members the information they need to make informed financial decisions

2022 was a foundational year for our ESG program. Creating the strategy with our Board and management has been exciting. We’ll be sharing our new direction with you in our 2023 report; unveiling new initiatives, sharing successes, and embracing our corporate strategy, Meridian for Good.

Jay-Ann Gilfoy signature

Explore the full Meridian 2022 ESG report (PDF, 7 MB)

ESG across Meridian

Green Loans

Our green home and auto loans help you make an impact on the environment. With each loan for qualified home improvements or vehicle upgrades, we’ll plant a tree in your name.

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Responsible Investing

Responsible investing supports companies committed to sustainability, human rights, and more. Grow your portfolio while making a difference.

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Business Loans

Through strategic partnerships, a community focus, and flexible borrowing solutions, Meridian helps local business owners at every stage of growth.

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Frequently asked questions

Our path to purpose: Meridian for Good

Looking toward the future, we’ll continue to focus on our strategy, Meridian for Good. This is our commitment to focusing on the four key ESG initiatives that are essential to us and to the communities we serve.

  • Climate change: a changing climate affects us all, no matter where we live.
  • Affordable living: every Canadian should have a home to call their own.
  • Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging: everyone should feel that they can be their true selves, always.
  • Equal access to financial support: the key to financial success is financial knowledge.

We’re driven to strengthening the impact we can have on our Members and communities. We’ll apply an ESG lens to our strategy as we aim to make stronger connections with stakeholders on the issues that matter to them. Over time, we’ll share our progress and set benchmarks for the future to hold ourselves accountable.

Explore the 2022 ESG report (PDF, 7 MB)

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